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Protecting Al-Aqsa Mosque From Fanatic Jewish Zionists Is Every Muslim's Responsibility

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, February 13, 2012


This week, supremacist millenarian Jews, led by fanatical Likud leader Moshe Feiglin tried to storm the Haram Sharif of Jerusalem . The Talmudic rioters held posters calling for the "purification of Temple Mount from the enemies of Israel."

Like other Jewish fanatics, Feiglin is totally against any prospective peaceful arrangements between Israel and Palestinians involving "territorial compromise." He advocates the establishment of a Talmudic theocracy covering British mandatory Palestine , extending from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean whereby non-Jews, e.g. Christians and Muslims, are treated as water-carriers and wood-hewers.

Those refusing enslavement by the "master race" or Chosen people would be expelled. In case they resisted, they would be banished or physically exterminated.

In the past, Jewish leaders didn't voice their genocidal designs as plainly as they are doing these days. However, with powerful Jewish groups dominating America 's politics and policies, and with Israel becoming a powerful country politically, economically and especially militarily, Jewish leaders, especially those believing in the imminent advent of the Jewish Messiah or Redeemer, no longer hide their dream of world domination.

In days bygone, especially before the establishment of Israel , Talmudic sages viewed the "redeemer" as a heavenly figure who would bring salvation to mankind and enable Jews to reclaim their status and stature as "the Chosen people." Now, however, the Redeemer is caricatured as an irresistible pugnacious Jewish tyrant, an ardent Zionist and Jewish warrior-hero who wouldn't transcend the conventional mores and bounds of Jewish heroism. Hence, the redeemer's ultimate goal is not really world peace, but rather enabling Jews to enslave, control and rule the world from Jerusalem .

Even Christian evangelicals, Israel 's most ardent supporters in the West, are not excluded from the Jewish wrath.

Jesus is called "the Hitler of Bethlehem" and Chesronot Shas, one of the most virulently anti-Christian Talmudic texts, is sold in public libraries in West Jerusalem . If you visit the Steimatzky library, you would find the Mein Kamph-booklet there.

In other words, Jewish millenarianism is not about heavenly peace, it is not about a world where justice reigns and love prevails. It is about but worldly power, a sort of a Jewish Third Reich lasting hundreds of years.

Hence, Jewish Messianism as taught and practiced by the likes of Moshe Feiglin and other terrorists of Gush Emunim has no human face let alone a human heart and is effectively comparable to German Nazism.

Just take the word "German" out and replace it with the word "Jewish," and you will have Jewish Messianism or redeemism, pure and simple.

This vicious, virulent and genocidal vision lies behind the most recent attempted storming of the Aqsa Mosque of Jerusalem , a shrine of paramount sacredness for hundreds of millions of people.

According to the sickening ideology of Jewish Messianism, the redeemer would only appear if the world is torn by tribulations, violence and bloodshed on a massive and genocidal scale.

Thus, Feiglin and his ilk believe that attacking or destroying or burning the Islamic house of worship of 1400 years would spark off religious wars between Muslims and Jews, wars that would only end when the redeemer or Jewish Messiah appeared.

It follows from this that these religious maniacs would want to lose or miss no opportunity to trigger violence, spill bloodshed or foment trouble. They believe they are being instrumental to the realization of the most important event in the history of mankind. So, who except fools and ignoramuses, would miss this opportunity.!!

And it doesn't matter if hundreds of thousands or even tens of millions of people, Jews and non-Jews alike, would perish in this conceived holocaust. The important thing is the coming of the Messiah Ben David, the redeemer of the Jewish people.

This is not the view of a minority of esoteric or marginal rabbis or Talmudic sages, as spokesmen of the Israeli government would claim to the western media. This is the mainstream religious ideology of the bulk of religious Zionist Jews, who more or less control the current Israeli government.

Israel speaks about peace with Arabs and Muslims ad nauseam. However, this talk is mostly disingenuous and mendacious because in the final analysis what Israel does, not what it says is what counts.

and what Israel does leaves no doubt as to her hostile and criminal designs against the Palestinian people. Indeed, does a country that is transferring millions of its citizens to live on land that belongs to another people really want peace?

The Nazis invaded and occupied France during the Second World War, but they didn't transfer millions of Germans to France to arrogate French land? Moreover, Israel has since 1967 been building Jewish colonies on the West Bank and East Jerusalem for the purpose of driving the native Palestinians away and alter the demographic nature f the land, which testifies to the fact that Israel and peace are an oxymoron.

The enduring Jewish efforts to destroy the Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the Rock are the clearest evidence that Israel is planning to wage an all-out war against the world's 1.6 billion Muslims. An attack on the Aqsa Mosque is an attack on the Ka'aba in Mecca . Can any one imagine that an attack on the Ka'aba is not motivated by malicious ill-will and murderous hatred for anything and everything Muslim or Islamic?

The genocidal designs against the Masjidul Aqsa simply mean one thing: It means an overwhelming Jewish desire to annihilate non-Jews in occupied Palestine , especially the native Palestinian people, from their ancestral homeland. The Zionist rationale is simple: Once the Aqsa Mosque disappeared, there would be no justification for the continued presence or Muslims in Palestine.!!

Some Jewish circles are trying to ignite the flames of war in our region so that Israel will reap strategic benefits. Israel strives day and night to incite the West, particularly its guardian-ally the United States , to wage war on Iran . The draconian sanctions against Iran must be understood in the context of the overall Zionist enmity to Muslim peoples.

Pro-Israeli circles are also instigating Washington against the Arab Spring, including recently-elected Islamic movements in Egypt and Tunisia . The same Zionist circles have been communicating a virulent and vindictive message to Western governments that as far as Israel is concerned, maintaining secular but tyrannical governments in the region in power, even if they fill the ether with anti-Israeli rhetoric is much preferable to Islamic democratic movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is why Israel , not Iran or any other country, should be viewed as Islam's and Muslim's ultimate enemy. I am not saying that Iran is perfect, but at the very least the Iranians are not trying to demolish the Aqsa Mosque and ethnically cleans the Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

Having said that, I believe that the protection of Islam's holy places in Jerusalem is the direct responsibility of every Muslim under the sun. Muslims, governments and individuals, must always do their part in shouldering this immense responsibility.

Key Muslim governments must put this issue at the forefront of their foreign policy priorities. Muslim governments, especially those having diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israeli regime, such as Egypt, Jordan, Turkey and others are urged to seriously raise the matter with Israeli ambassadors.

We are not talking about mere chummy chats and diplomatic pleasantries that would take us nowhere. We rather expect serious and strongly-worded protests against the recurrent Zionist provocations against one of Islam's most important holy places. Zionist ambassadors must be given the impression that Muslim countries can't and won't maintain diplomatic relations with the apartheid entity while aggressions of various forms continue unabated against Muslim holy places.

Unfortunately, the Muslims' record in this regard is not very encouraging. This is why Israel never really got the impression that Muslim governments, especially secular "Muslim" governments, don't really accord paramount attention to the issue.

We had hoped that that the new Islamist-dominated parliaments in both Tunisia and Egypt would at least devote a special session to discuss Jewish threats to the Aqsa mosque. We still hope that Islamist or quasi-Islamist governments in the region will display real vigilance in this regard.

I am saying this because if Muslims don't really show the kind of concern about this matter, then who will? Other Muslim communities around the world must play their part as well. They should work through the media and hold massive demonstrations, highlighting the message that Muslims can not sit idle while their holy places are violated and desecrated.

We have to raise our voices because the world doesn't hear let alone listen to those who are silent or have feeble voices; and we have to be strong because our world has been transformed into a virtual jungle where the strong only are respected whereas the weak is crushed.





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