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Alan Dershowitz: The Zionist Caricature

By Gilad Atzmon


Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, January 9, 2012










Could it be that Zionist-caricature Alan Dershowitz has resorted to comedy as he desperately tries to win his battle against me and my book?  What else could explain this intellectually retarded Zionist mouthpiece’s repetition of the same old lies? A few years ago Norman Finkelstein established that Dershowitz is a plagiarist, but now Dershowitz extends this infamous title - Now, he’s actually plagiarising his own phantasmic fibs!

Just a week before Hanukah, fancying himself as a bit of a music critic, Dershowitz described me as an ‘obscure saxophonist’. This was amusing enough, but yesterday Dershowitz elaborated on his notion of ‘obscurity’. In an embarrassingly unimaginative and vindictive article he called Chicago University Professor of Philosophy Brian Leiter a “relatively obscure professor of jurisprudence”. For a native English speaker (and a Harvard Professor) Dershowitz sure has a limited English vocabulary.

Professor Leiter’s crime was obvious enough: he stood up for freedom of expression and open debate. He defended Professor John Mearsheimer who has endorsed ‘The Wandering Who’ and refused to bow to vile and relentless Zionist pressure to withdraw his praise for the book.

To read Professor Leiter’s article click here.

Ethnic cleanser advocate Dershowitz writes. “Without bothering even to read Atzmon's book, Leiter pronounced that Atzmon's ‘positions [do not mark him] as an anti-Semite [but rather as] cosmopolitan.’ Leiter also certified that Atzmon ‘does not deny the Holocaust or the gas chambers.’ Had Leiter read the book, he could not have made either statement.”

Dershowitz sure has some chutzpah, since it’s actually he who didn’t read ‘The Wandering Who’.   If he had, he would have seen that in the book and in all my writing I neither deny nor do I affirm any historical aspect of the Holocaust, gas chambers or the Judeocide in general. Instead, I insist that history cannot be sealed by laws. I also insist that intellectual curiosity and our knowledge of the past cannot be vetted or confined by anyone, let alone such morbid minds as that of Dershowitz himself. Open society is about the openness to think freely and to express those thoughts.  

Dershowitz’ continues “Atzmon himself credits ‘a man who…was an anti-Semite’ for ‘many of [his] insights’ and calls himself a ‘self-hating Jew’ who has contempt for ‘the Jew in me (him).’ If that's not an admission of anti-Semitism, rather than ‘cosmopolitanism.’”

But is this really an ‘admission of antisemitism’? Let’s examine Dershowitz’ intentionally lame, convoluted and misleading argument. To start with, the ‘Antisemite’ whom I indeed follow, is Otto Weininger, one of the most influential intellects of pre- WWII Europe. But, it is not Weininger’s alleged ‘antisemitism’ that I follow as I clearly note in my book, but actually Weininger the genius philosopher. It is also true that I am a ‘self hater’ and even a ‘proud self hater’ - an intellectual position still legal in the West. It is also true that I oppose the ‘Jew’ in me, but how does that make me into an antisemite? By opposing the Jew in me, I oppose only an ideology.  Basically, I reject all the symptoms Dershowitz and other Zionists manifest in every and each of their relentless Judeo-centric hasbara campaigns i.e. supremacy, duplicity, brutality, vindictivess, ignorance and arrogance. 

Furthermore, I do not and cannot oppose or hate the ‘Semite’ in me. This is simply because there is no such a quality in me. Unlike Dershowitz and his Zionists ilk, I do not think in racial terms. I am honest enough to admit that I am no ‘Semite’ and that my ancestry lies not in Palestine. I am probably some kind of Khazarian mongrel – as is Dershowitz and most European Jews.

Dershowitz continues, Leiter went so far as to condemn those who dared to criticize Mearsheimer for endorsing Atzmon's book, calling their criticism ‘hysterical’ and not ‘advance[ing] honest intellectual discourse.” 

Professor Leiter is actually spot- on in here. Prophetically he manages to describe Dershowitz’ tantrum - the Zionist advocate is clearly hysterical as he tries desperately to block intellectual debate and exchange. On numerous occasions I have invited Dershowitz for a debate, but it seems the Zionist caricature would not or could not take the risk. Dershowitz is evidently as much a coward as he is a loudmouth.  

Towards the end of his rant as Dershowitz reaches his climax, Professor Leiter becomes just a category namely ‘the Leiters’.   “The Leiters of the world”, says Dershowitz, “are an important part of the reason why anti-Semitic tropes are creeping back to legitimacy in academia.” This has left me puzzled. What about the ‘remote’ possibility that it is actually the Dershowitzes of the world who, by their misbehaviour and by their support of the criminal Jewish State, are bringing shame and even disaster, God forbid, on the Jews? I cannot understand how one of America’s alleged ‘leading lawyers’ can fail to see that his shameless behaviour may well be the root cause of the rapidly emerging anti-Jewish feelings in America and beyond. 

But it seems as if Professor Leiter, Professor Richard Falk, Professor Mearsheimer and myself are not alone. According to Zionist-parody Dershowitz, we are in a good company. Leading Republican Candidate Ron Paul has also found his way into becoming a target for Dershowitz’ impotent rage. Paul is accused of being affiliated with, guess what, ‘anti semitism’ and ‘holocaust denial’.

For some reason, Dershowitz, one of the most despised Zionists ever, seems to believe that he holds the moral high ground. “Shame on them!” he proclaims referring to Professor Leiter and  Ron Paul.  Well, Dershowitz must know quite a bit about shame - He sure brings a lot of it on himself and on every Jew and Zionist foolish enough to associate with him and his message.    

To read a complete deconstruction of Dershowitz' lies click here.

To read the Dershowitz attack on Rep Ron Paul Professor Leiter and myself click here.


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