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August 22, 2013


Delusional America: Incestuous Anglo-American Terror Sisterhood By Ben Tanosborn  


Not Too Big to Jail: Why Eliot Spitzer Is Wall Street's Worst Nightmare By Ellen Brown


US Mass Media Madness: 5 Companies Control Minds of Americans By Paul Balles


America's Decline in Egypt Becomes Noticeable By Abid Mustafa


On Egypt's Class-Struggle: Oppressed Rabi'as of the World Unite By Ramzy Baroud


Egypt: From Anarchy to Insanity, Needs Global Intervention By Mahboob A Khawaja


A New Guinness Record in Israeli Anti-Peace Propaganda By Uri Avnery  


Futile Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks – Again! By Jonathan Cook  


Illegal Israeli Jewish Settlers: The Killers of Peace By Nicola Nasser


Jewish Agency Set to Launch “Most Exorbitant” Zionist Propaganda and Colonization Campaign Ever By Nureddin Sabir  


The Un-Revolution: Yemen's Mediocre Transition By Ramzy Baroud


World Politicians Lie to Hide Plans of the Zionist Empire By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Full Spectrum Dominance: Code Name for US Continual Wars By Henry D'Souza



August 13, 2013


Sisi's Student Paper Lifts Lid on Egypt's New Regime By Mehdi Chebil, Eric Trager, and Tom Bowman


Three Egyptian Military Coups in Three Years By Eric Walberg


US National Interest, Or Lobby Interest Controls US Foreign Policy By Lawrence Davidson


The Arab Turmoil: Where Do We Stand? By Ramzy Baroud


End Dirty Wars By Paul Balles


Egyptian Attitudes in the Post-Tammarud, Post Morsi Era By James Zogby  


Does the BBC Not Trust US Intelligence on Iran? By David Morrison and Peter Oborne  


Angela Merkel Reaffirms German Servility to Israel By Nureddin Sabir


Walk away, Palestinians from these Futile Negotiations With the Israelis By Stuart Littlewood


Kerry's Success Worse for Palestinians than His Failure By Nicola Nasser


Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations Will Require Public Support By James Zogby  


A Palestinian-Israeli Federation, Following the Two-State Solution ! By Uri Avnery


Ethiopian Development and the Destruction of Lives By Graham Peebles  


2012 – 2013 Wall Street Take-Off: Billions for Capitalists,  Bankers, Low Wages for Workers By James Petras


The Detroit Bail-In Template: Fleecing Pensioners to Save the Banks By Ellen Brown  


Speech by Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh in Hiroshima on the 68th anniversary of the First Atomic Bomb


August 5, 2013


Egyptian Revolution Derailed, Contained By Nicola Nasser


Hated in Egypt: How the Palestinian Bogeyman Resurfaced Like Never Before By Ramzy Baroud


An Impending Bloodbath in Egypt: Will It Break the Coup? By Esam Al-Amin


Civil War in Israel Over Evacuation of Illegal Settlements? By Uri Avnery


How Can Zionist Martin Indyk Be an Honest Broker in the Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Explaining Canada's Unconditional Support of Israel By Yves Engler


Hard Talk on BBC Persia About Zionism By Gilad Atzmon  


How Evangelicals Went Astray By Rev Ted Pike


When There is no Terrorism, There is Terrorism of Wars By Mahboob A Khawaja


Snowden and US Media Pundits: Prestitutes and Spies By Paul Balles  


The Boycott of Israel Eight Years In By Lawrence Davidson  


UN Schemers Screw Up Middle East Peace Prospects By Stuart Littlewood  


Which Is Riskier, a Public Bank or a Wall Street Bank? Green Light for City-owned San Francisco Bank By Ellen Brown  








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