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February 2013


A Reply to Hillary Clinton: US Support for Apartheid Israel, Not Arab Media, Behind Attitudes of Muslims By Hassan El-Najjar


Unprecedented Israel-War Lobby Attack On Chuck Hagel Appointment By Charles E. Carlson  



Senator Chuck Hagel and the Requirement of Apology to Jews By Rev Ted Pike


Hagel Visited Israel, Now Attacked by Zionists By Charles E Carlson  


The Trillion Dollar Coin: A Joke or Game Changer? By Ellen Brown


Obama the 44th President Says Goodbye to Obama the 43rd President: Great in search of Good By Mahboob A. Khawaja


Islamophobia in the US: Drive-by Shooting Attack on a Muslim Family's Home in Oklahoma City , February 4, 2013


Collateral Damage and Collateral Reparations By Ben Tanosborn


Israeli Criminal Mistreatment of Palestinians: Charge or Free Samer Issawi By Mahmoud El-Yousseph  


Israeli-US Pre-Emption Paranoia Run Wild By Paul Balles


Exploited and Misused: The Impossible Discourse of the 'Arab Spring' By Ramzy Baroud  


Assad Regime and Israeli Plans for Syria By Jamal Kanj  


Egyptians Defend their Revolution By Monica Hill  


Thought and Reflection, 2 years after Egyptian Revolution: “When leftists support The Muslim Brotherhood” By Mohamed S. Kamel


Israeli Election Results: Woe to the Victor Ya'ir Lapid By Uri Avnery  


Mali, Africa's Afghanistan? By Henry D' Souza  


No Mercenary Security Firms for African Refugees: Opportunities and War in Mali By Ramzy Baroud


The UK Holocaust Day Backfires on Israelis, Zionist Enablers, and their British Stooges By Gilad Atzmon


Why Did Algerian Kidnappers Demand Release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui? By Yvonne Ridley  


Will US-Led Crusading Wars on Muslims Ever End? By Mahboob A. Khawaja  


Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews By Alan Hart, a Book Review by Oren Ben-Dor  


Zionists Call the Shots in the Anglican Church By Stuart Littlewood








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