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Obama in Israel:
Tightening Alliance With the Apartheid Zionist State

By Khalid Amayreh

PIC, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, March 11, 2013

Trying to revive a false hope 

President Obama is due to arrive in occupied Palestine in less than two weeks in a much-heralded visit aimed, according to American sources, at reinforcing the Israeli- American alliance.

Obama is also expected to cajole the weak and pliant Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas to give "peace" an additional chance by returning to manifestly futile negotiations with Israel while the latter continues to steal more Palestinian land and build more Jewish colonies for fanatical Jewish settlers.

Several regional leaders, including the King of Jordan, have voiced hopes that Obama will help stir up the stagnant waters of the moribund peace process.

However, a thorough and honest examination of the facts pertaining to the Palestinian question shows that the chances of reaching a real breakthrough that would lead to real peace in the region are nearly zero.

According to some American pundits, Obama will make one last attempt to save Israel from itself by getting the recalcitrant Israeli leadership to agree to allow for the establishment of a viable and territorially contiguous Palestinian entity.

However, there is a very little chance that the extreme right-wing leadership in Israel, including the soon-to-be formed coalition government, would agree to pay the price for peace, given the ideological and political extremism permeating through the Israeli Jewish society.

In addition, the tight Jewish stranglehold on the American government, especially congress, would nip in the bud any audacious and genuine American effort to force Israel to walk in the path of peace. Israel and its numerous tentacles have the U.S. held by the throat, so much that the U.S. is simply not free to even speak its conscience or even protect America's interests in the Arab world. This is what makes virtually all America's politicians from the President in the White House down to lowest ranking politician grovel rather sheepishly at Israel's feet and sing Israel's hymns. If they don't act as they are expected to act, they will lose Jewish money as well as their jobs. Moreover, the Jewish-controlled media will demonize them to the point of making them look as if they were carbon copies of Adolph Hitler!!

There are several cool facts that one must consider when raising hopes about the so-called peace process.

Fact 1: Thanks to the total impunity meted out to Israel by the American-led international community, Israel has been able to kill the two-state solution. Israel has built so many Jewish colonies in the West Bank that no room has been left for the establishment of a viable Palestinian state. This writer is living in the West Bank and can honestly attest to the fact that under present circumstances it is next to impossible to be able to establish a real state worthy of the name on the remaining areas uncovered by Jewish colonies in the West Bank. This is not to mention Occupied East Jerusalem, whose Arab-Islamic identity has been nearly completely obliterated thanks to a rabid, unrelenting Judaizing process, resulting in ghettoizing the Palestinians of the city and forcing numerous thousands of them to leave in order to fulfill Israeli demographic designs.

Fact 2: Given the ideological panorama of the Israeli Jewish society, it is utterly unlikely that any prospective Israeli government would agree to dismantle Jewish settlements, a sine qua non for salvaging a possible political settlement.

The soon-to-be formed Israeli coalition government will include Ha-bayt ha-yehudi, the settlers' party par excellence, which is vehemently opposed to any peace arrangement with the Palestinians involving partial or complete Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank.

Even the most leftist Israeli Jewish parties are opposed as a matter of principle to the notion of repatriation of Palestinian refugees to their former homes and villages in what is now Israel.

In light, it hard to even imagine a successful narrowing of the gaps between the two sides, especially under current circumstances.

Fact 3: It is true that the U.S. might be able to pressure the weak and pliant Palestinian leadership of Mahmoud Abbas to accept, even begrudgingly, a deformed and utterly unjust deal that would perpetuate Palestinian grievances, e.g. a deal excluding the implementation of the right of return and without East Jerusalem in its entirety.

However, there is a likelihood of 99.99% that such a deal would be rejected by the Palestinian people. Yes, the U.S. and some of its demoralized puppets in the Arab region might successfully bully or cajole their agents to celebrate the "peace deal" as the greatest Arab victory since Saladin (Salahuddin). Well, as the adage goes, those who pay the piper, call the tune. None the less, such a deal would have a zero chance of survival even if a thousand TV stations and a thousand newspapers tried incessantly to make the deformed, ugly deal look attractive and acceptable.

Fact 4: There is no doubt that Israel is fighting a losing demographic battle with the Palestinians. Today, Jews between the Mediterranean and the River Jordan are already a numerical minority. This minority status will be reinforced further and further as there is virtually no hope that Israel will be able to undo or reverse the outstanding demographic facts.

According to Sergio DellaPergola, a Hebrew University professor and expert on Israeli population studies, the dreaded tipping point-which advocates of the two state solutions have been warning about for years-has finally arrived.

DellaPergola argues that even if we took Gaza out of the equation, and if the current fertility rates among Jews and Arabs continue, by 2030, Jews will constitute only 54 percent of the population.

"By May 2048, when the state of Israel turns 100 years old, the population of this area will be approximately 55 percent Arab and 45 percent Jewish"

It is unlikely that Zionist policy-makers are not aware of these demographic facts and forecasts.

It is also true that these Zionists might be devising nefarious designs, even at the level of an afterthought, for the purpose of neutralizing the "existential" Arab demographic peril, including adopting apartheid, or at least a benign form of it. (in fact, the current Israeli occupation is far worse than apartheid).

Israel could also resort to all forms of expulsion and deportation of Palestinians especially upon finding or inducing a "pretext."

This is a possibility that Palestinian leaders and Arab strategists must take very seriously.

In the final analysis, the Zionists can be so rationally genocidal that they would embark on the unthinkable. They would be willing to go to any extent to prolong the life-span of Zionism.




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