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Watch Videos of US Broadcaster Mike Malloy Wiping the Floor with Zionist-Fascists Who Defend Israeli War Criminals in Killing Palestinian Children ... There's Hope

Redress, Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, September 8, 2014



Mike Malloy


Reasoning with a Zionist is an oxymoron. It is as self-contradictory as saying something is falsely true.


This, we have no doubt, is the conclusion everyone who has tried to have a rational, fact-based debate with Zionists would have drawn.


If that is also your experience – or if you have never had the misfortune of debating with a Zionist – then you will want to listen to the two short clips below from Mike Malloy’s radio show.


For those who don’t know him, Malloy is a self-syndicated American radio broadcaster from Atlanta, Georgia, who describes himself as “a traditional liberal democrat doing his part to return the Democratic Party to its liberal roots”.


In this clip, he routs a Zionist caller who uses the jaded argument that Israel, the aggressor and occupier, has a right to defend its ill-gotten gains. 




And in the clip below Malloy wipes the floor with another Zionist who objects to his criticism of the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu




A response to the Israeli stooge in Congress Elizabeth Warren:











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