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The Real Face of Justin Trudeau: A Puppet of the Israeli Occupation Government By Ramzy Baroud Marc Lamont Hill Called for Peace and Equality in Palestine: Shame on CNN and  Temple University Trustees By James J Zogby Americans Are Waking up to the Zionist Intolerence for Any Criticism to Apartheid Israel: Marc Lamont Hill, Airbnb, and the Quakers By Jonathan Cook Zionist Slander Against Marc Lamont Hill Is an Intimidation Tactic to Shield Apartheid Israel from Criticism By Lawrence Davidson
US, China, Russia, and Iran, A World of Multiple Detonators of Global Wars By James Petras India's disproportionately high population of Dalits, Adivasis lodged in jails By Abdus Sattar Ghazali The Dangerous New Face of Salvini's Italy, Fascists Emboldened By Walter Mayr OPEC+ Battles to Halt Oil Price Collapse By Tom Kool




Netanyahu's Predicament, The Era of Easy Wars on Gaza Is Over By Ramzy Baroud Trump's Racism Is in the Open, So Is the Fight Against It By James J Zogby Israeli Occupation Government Wages a New War of Attrition and Ethnic Cleansing Against Palestinians in Jerusalem By Jonathan Cook Fraying Principles: The Hypocrisy of US So-Called Progressives, Such as Cory Booker, Towards the Palestinian People By Lawrence Davidson
President Trump's Presidency, Results and Perspectives By James Petras Indian General Tells Pakistan to Abandon Islam, to Be Able to Make Peace with India By Abdus Sattar Ghazali US Mass Mobilizations, Wars and Financial Plunder By James Petras The Saudi Dilemma, To Cut Or Not To Cut Oil Production By Irina Slav












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