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Mapping Trump's Empire: Assets and Liabilities By James Petras Netanyahu's Ethnocentric View of Jewish History By Gilad Atzmon The Boomerang Effect: How Netanyahu Made Israel an American Issue, and Lost By Ramzy Baroud Fifteen Years After the Disastrous Bush Invasion of Iraq By James J Zogby




Foreign Policy for Sale: Greece's Dangerous Alliance with Israel By Ramzy Baroud 11 Pakistani soldiers killed by Taliban gaining strength in neighboring Afghanistan By Abdus Sattar Ghazali The FBI and President Trump: Mutual Manipulation By James Petras Humanity Is Much Older And Far More Important Than Capitalism By Frank Scott




'Whitewashing' Genocide in Myanmar By Ramzy Baroud Michael Pence's Middle East Politics Nothing Short of a Disaster By James J Zogby Mike Pence Lauded Israel in Terms of Childish Adulation, Heaping Shameless Flattery Upon Fake History By Uri Avnery Blackouts and Flashpoints in 2018 Trumpian America By James Petras












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