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'Whitewashing' Genocide in Myanmar By Ramzy Baroud Michael Pence's Middle East Politics Nothing Short of a Disaster By James J Zogby Mike Pence Lauded Israel in Terms of Childish Adulation, Heaping Shameless Flattery Upon Fake History By Uri Avnery Blackouts and Flashpoints in 2018 Trumpian America By James Petras




The Anti-Capitalist Quotes from Martin Luther King Jr You're Least Likely to Hear on his Day By Frank Scott The US Immigration Debate, Which We Must Not Lose By James J Zogby  Why I'm Angry With the Oriental Jewish Elite By Uri Avnery China and the US, Comparing Leadership Selection By James Petras  
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China Slams Indian Army Chief for Remarks on Doklam Border Dispute By Abdus Sattar Ghazali  Shadow Armies:The US War With Russia and China Over Africa By Ramzy Baroud  Is An Oil Price Spike Inevitable? By Irina Slav  Student Debt Slavery II: Time to Level the Playing Field By Ellen Brown 




'Race Law' Takes Jerusalem a Step Closer to Being a Jewish-Only City By Ramzy Baroud Why Did Born-Again Christians Support Donald Trump and Roy Moore? By John Boyle The Israeli Right-Wing Government has No Plan or Vision for Peace, Only Apartheid State By Uri Avnery With an Islamophobe Becoming President, 2017 Was Another Difficult & Hard Year for American Muslims By Abdus Sattar Ghazali
President Trump's Jerusalem Decision The End of Hegemony By James Petras Supporting Israel Means Supporting Terrorism, Racism, and Dispossession of the Palestinian People By Stuart Littlewood Trump Ushering the Beginning of the End of the American Empire By Frank Scott Oil Price Could Rise to $100, Due to the Deepening Iranian Crisis and Falling Canadian Rig Count By Nick Cunningham







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