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Jewish Nation-State Law: Why Israel Was Never a Democracy By Ramzy Baroud The Jewish Nation-State Law Makes Israel Officially an Apartheid State, Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy By James J Zogby How Israel Helped to Revive Europe's Ugly Ethnic Nationalisms By Jonathan Cook The March of Israeli Folly, Annexation of Palestinian Lands and Wars on Gaza, Instead of Peace By Uri Avnery
Aframax tanker
Is Trump Really Against the World Order, Not Really, Just a Tempest in a Teapot By James Petras India Alarmed at Imran Khan's Sweep in Pakistani Elections By Abdus Sattar Ghazali New Left Needs to Stop Global War on Muslims, Instead of Lamenting Deceptive Islamophobia By Gilad Atzmon Oil Markets Are Ignoring Supply Risks Related to the 4 Key Chokepoints By Nick Cunningham and Cyril Widdershoven




Trump's 'Deal of the Century' for Israel, is Not New, and the Palestinian Leadership is Not a Victim, By Ramzy Baroud Reporting Hate Crimes The Arab American Experience By James J Zogby Sisi Holds Key to Trump's Sinai Plan for Gaza Palestinians By Jonathan Cook Can Ehud Barak Beat Netanyahu and Make Peace with the Palestinian People By Uri Avnery
In Competition with Turkey, Saudi-UAE Efforts to Wrest Symbolic Control of Al-Aqsa Mosque from Jordan By James M Dorsey Trump's Degeneracy and America's Moral Angst By Lawrence Davidson The Moral Decadence of Israeli Zionism: Seven Decades of Unremitting, Remorseless, Killing By Jeremy Salt The US Energy Industry Can't Afford A Trade War By Tsvetana Paraskova









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