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Did Israel Inspire Trump's Family Separation Policy? By Ramzy Baroud Trump Administration Immigration Policy: Lasting Damage to the Idea of America By James J Zogby Young Palestinian Protesters Are Defying Israel's Blockade of Gaza with Scraps of Paper and Plastic By Jonathan Cook The US Withdrawal from UNHRC Is a Reflection of Widespread Impunity By Ramona Wadi
King Mohammed prays in a mosque in Zanzibar
Immigration: Western Wars and Imperial Exploitation Uproot Millions By James Petras Civil Advocacy Groups Denounce Supreme Court Decision to Uphold Trump's Muslim Ban 3 By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Saudi-Moroccan Spat: Competing for the Mantle of "Moderate Islam" By James M Dorsey US Hopes Saudi Arabia, Russia Can Offset Loss Of Iran Oil Supply By Tsvetana Paraskova



The International Community Should Not Stand by as Israel Abuses Palestinians By Ramzy Baroud Israel Is an Apartheid, Not Democratic State, Liberals in the West Need to Stop their Pathetic Lament By James J Zogby Rabin and Peres, The Siamese Twins Who Hated Each Other By Uri Avnery What's in Trump's Deal of the Century? The Answers Are in Plain Sight By Jonathan Cook
Appeasement, as Global Policy, Reflects Incapacity of the Capitalist Ruling Elites to Promote Growth By James Petras With the Global Debt Reaching $164 Trillion, the Future of Civilization Is at Stake By Maurice Chesnais At Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit, India Rejects China's One-Belt, One-Road Project By Abdus Sattar Ghazali The Fed Is Driving Down Oil Prices By Nick Cunningham



8 Things I learned about Palestine While Touring 8 Western Nations By Ramzy Baroud Trump On the Path to Authoritarianism, Discrediting Opponents from the Other Party, Law Enforcement, and the Media By James J Zogby Non-Violent Gaza Protesters Are Stronger than Israeli Sharp-Shooters, in Willpower, Strict Self-Control, and Moral Superiority By Uri Avnery By Pardoning 3 High-Profile Neocons, Trump Is Sending a Message to his Former Aides Involved in the Russia Collusion Investigation By Habib Siddiqui
Imperialist Recovery: Spending Trillions of Dollars on Wars for Israel, Not Social Welfare and Higher Wages for American Workers By James Petras AIPAC's Puppets in Congress Prepare to Criminalize Political Speech and Activism Against the Apartheid State of Israel By Frank Scott. Black Stone, Black Rock, or a Public Bank: Putting California's Funds to Work By Ellen Brown OPEC and Russia: A Strategy For a Long-Term Control Over the Oil Market By Tsvetana Paraskova and Vanand Meliksatian























































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