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Israelis and their Zionist Supporters Continue to Persecute the Palestinian People By James J Zogby Israel's Birth a Catastrophe, Nakba, to Palestinians By Ramzy Baroud Israel Is Dictating to its American Vassal What to Do About Iran By Uri Avnery West's Failure to Act Will Cause the Next Gaza Massacre By Jonathan Cook.



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Reasons Behind Trump's Moves on Iran, China, and North Korea By James Petras Economic bigotry Is a Social Disease Menacing Humanity By Frank Scott. Global Crisis in Consciousness, Change and the Individual By Graham Peebles As US Oil Exports Break Records, Russia May Abandon the OPEC Deal By Irina Slav and Nick Cunningham



70 Years of Israeli Persecution of Palestinians, Perpetual Displacement, and Continuous Theft of their Lands By Aya Bejermi The Ghost of Herut: Einstein on Israel, 70 Years Ago By Ramzy Baroud The Struggle for the Idea of America By James J Zogby Palestinians Mark 70 Years of Israeli Injustices By Jonathan Cook
US Imperialist Road to Conquest, Reaching and Revoking Peace and Disarmament Agreements By James Petras The US-Mexican Border Wall Follows the Israeli Model of Apartheid Walls By Frank Scott A Mercenary Army, Led by Erik Prince, to Replace US Troops in Syria By Lawrence Davidson A Bullish Oil Market and Soaring Oil Prices See Saudi Economy Bounce Back By Tsvetana Paraskova and Tim Daiss.





















































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