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Progress or War: On Islamophobia and Europe's Demographic Shifts By Ramzy Baroud Tunisian President Break with Populism and his Intention to Implement Reforms, Moez Labidi Interviewed By Imen Gharb Colombian Mercenaries and the Assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise By Ryan Devereaux How to Defend Yourself Against the Powerful New NSO Spyware Attacks Discovered Around the World By the Intercept Security Team

Fear Not Washington, the US is Still Miles Ahead in Cyber Spying, The Case of Israeli NSO Group By Alex Lo The Growing Climate Solutions Act Would Help Farmers and Foresters Participate in Carbon Credit Markets By Sara Sirota and Ryan Grim Sleepless Nights after the Cuban Protests, The Revolution Romance Ended By Julio Antonio Fernandez Estrada and Yoani Sanchez UNSC Insists on Negotiations Within the African Union to Resolve Differences About the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam By Hussein Haridy

Family Separation Law, Apartheid Israel's Demographic War on Palestine Intensifies By Ramzy Baroud Palestinian Village of Khirbet Humsah Resists Israeli Apartheid Regime's Displacement Push in Jordan Valley By Akram Al-Waara I Returned to Gaza After 15 Years and this is What I Saw By Emad Moussa Illegal Israeli Settlers and Occupation Soldiers Teamed Up to Kill Four Palestinians in the West Bank By Yuval Abraham and Basil Al-Adraa

Israel Isn't Fooling Anyone by Speaking up for the Uyghur Muslims, Its Self-Interest Is Obvious By Anjuman Rahman Kneeling Against Racism: Solidarity in EURO 2020 Should Not Be 'Controversial' By Ramzy Baroud Fighting Pollution in Pakistan: The Crisis Is Pressing By Homer Jan Baloch South Africa: Words Match Reality as Zuma Gets his Comeuppance Despite Tricks By Tim Trengove-Jones

Bennett's Political Theater: The Decisive Israeli-Palestinian Fight Ahead By Ramzy Baroud Nigeria's Diversity in itself Could be a Strength, if Properly Harnessed and Managed By Wole Olaoye Strains on China-Japan Marriage of Convenience Could Trigger a Big Row By Anthony Rowley Anti-Muslim Hindu Nationalist Groups in Uttar Pradesh Are Violently Breaking Up Interfaith Couples By Betwa Sharma and Ahmer Khan




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