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The Biden Administration So Far Is But a Soft Facade to the Same Policies Enacted by Trump Against the Palestinian People By Ramzy Baroud What Germany's Welfare State Can Contribute to the Debate About Biden's 'Build Back Better' Proposals By Michael Makowski Sudan Military Coup Is Threatening Democratic Transition, But Protests Are Erupting in Response By Jen Kirby Supply Chain Crisis, Why Central Banks Should Avoid Overreacting to Higher Inflation By Patrik Schowitz

The 'Iron Dome' Is Part of the US-Israeli Military System of Global Domination By Jonathan Cook Heroes or Parasites, Europe's Self-Serving Politics on Refugees By Ramzy Baroud The End of the Dollar-Based US Empire Will Be a Self-Inflicted Blow By Alex Lo Colin Powell Helped Destroy Iraq with the Infamous Lie of Weapons of Mass Destruction By Peter Maass

Rivalry for Representation of the Palestinian People is Behind Lack of Achieving a Unity Government By Ramzy Baroud The Success of the AfD, Why Is the Right Wing So Strong in Eastern Germany By Steffen Winter $3.5 Trillion for the Build Back Better Agenda Is Much, Much Less Money Than You Think By Jon Schwarz Contingent Nature of Turkey's Ties with US and Russia By Talha Kose




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