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For Palestinians, Food Insecurity Is Now an Existential Threat, Due to Russia-Ukraine War By Ramzy Baroud China Is Planning to Realize 'Dual Carbon Goals' By Yue Xiaohua Laying Down Arms When the War Against Covid-19 Isn't Over in Malaysia By Irna Mahyuni A conversation with Rene Araneda, Director on Location of Chile Great National Parks in Patagonia By Stephanie Iancu

Palestine's Widening Geography of Resistance, Why Israel Cannot Defeat the Palestinians By Ramzy Baroud From Korea to Libya, On the Future of Ukraine and NATO's Never-Ending Wars By Ramzy Baroud While Imran Khan has Fallen from Power, He has Not Fallen from the Hearts and Minds of the People By Owei Lakemfa Around the World in 60 Days, Repercussions of the Ukraine Conflict for Venezuela By Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein

Can Israel Exist without America? Numbers Speak of a Changing Reality By Ramzy Baroud Beijing's South China Sea Boldness Puts the Philippines' Foreign Policy Balancing Act Under Pressure By Lucio Blanco Pitlo III The Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack Was on the Nigerian Bourgeois Years of Decadence and Incompetence By Umar Yakubu Ramadan Reflections, Drawing the Line Between Faith and Justice By Kamal Amzan




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