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In South Africa as in Palestine: Why We Must Protect the Legacy of Desmond Tutu By Ramzy Baroud Ukraine Crisis: Russia Reacts to NATO and History By Lawrence Davidson Ukraine: A Victim of Global Rivalry By Muhittin Ataman The Coming Era of Stagflation and Wealth Destruction Will Be Boon to Working Class By Andy Xie

Will There Be a Lasting Peace Between Israel and Palestine? By Sayid Marcos Tenorio The Myth of Apolitical China, Why the West Refuses to Accept China's Superpower Status By Ramzy Baroud and Romana Rubeo US-NATO-Russia Relations in 2022: The World Is Witnessing a Diplomatic Marathon By Hakki Ocal The Unraveling of the Portuguese Empire, A Historical Imperative By Osmund Agbo

President Maduro: No One Dares to Ask us to Abandon Palestine By Eman Abusidu The World Is Hanging by a Thread: Stories to Follow in 2022 By Ramzy Baroud An End to the US-China Trade War is the World's Best Hope for Long-Term Pandemic Recovery By David Brown Historic First Successful Transplant of Pig Heart into Adult Human with End-Stage Heart Disease By Deborah Kotz and Bill Seiler

Britain Helped Create the Refugees it Now Wants to Keep Out By Jonathan Cook The Combating Islamophobia Act: On Hate Crimes and Irrational Fears By Ramzy Baroud World Economy in 2022, The Big Factors to Watch Closely By Muhammad Ali Nasir Global Economy to Grow by About 4% in 2022, Says CEBRF Think Tank By Julia Kollewe




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