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The Billion Dollar Deal that Made Google and Amazon Partners in the Israeli Occupation of Palestine By Ramzy Baroud With Russian Invasion of Ukraine, the Second Chapter of the New World Order Is About to Begin By Hakki Ocal Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Raises the 'Foreign Card' in Response to the No-Confidence Motion By Zahid Hussain Attacks Intensify as Somalia Prepares for Presidential Election By Mohamed Odowa and Kate Hairsine

Politics and Sports Do Mix: On FIFA's Hypocrisy in Palestine and the Need to Isolate Apartheid Israel By Ramzy Baroud Merchants of Death Waltzing Us Toward Armageddon, Through their Permanent War Doctrine By Chris Hedges Colombia Presidential Election 2022, Gustavo Petro Expected to Be the First Left-Wing President By Mary Webber Russia's Invasion of Ukraine, What Does it Mean for Africa By Yusuf Bangura

On Palestine's Everyday Victories, Why Israel is No Longer the Exception By Ramzy Baroud Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Is Driving Up Grain Prices, Hitting Africa Hard By Heiner Hoffmann and Asha Jaffar China Ramps Up Defense Spending by 7 Per Cent, But How Does it Compare with Other Countries By Amber Wang and Jack Lau Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine By Haneea Isaad and Simon Nicholas




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