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Abbas says the Israeli attack on Gaza is international terrorism and more than a Holocaust but contributes to the Justification of Israeli war crimes

Abbas: what is happening in Gaza is more than a Holocaust

Date: 01 / 03 / 2008  Time:  14:42
Ramallah Ma'an -

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday described the ongoing Israeli military campaign on the Gaza Strip as "more than a Holocaust."

"Today, the number of people killed in Gaza has risen to 62. Unfortunately, what is happening is more than a Holocaust and so we appeal to the international community to see what is happening here in the region," he said at a meeting in Ramallah.

"It's inconceivable that the Israeli reaction to missiles, which we condemn, should be so huge and terrible," he added.

"I'm sorry that Israel is now using the word that has been a pariah word for more than 60 years. The word is Holocaust. We call on the world to respond," Abbas said.

"We need the world to see what is going on and who is committing international terrorism," he went on.

Bishara accuses Abbas of involvement in the IOF aggression on Gaza

[ 01/03/2008 - 02:37 PM ]


Dr. Azmi Bishara, the prominent Palestinian leader in the 1948 occupied lands, has accused PA chief Mahmoud Abbas of participation in the IOF genocide in Gaza.

Bishara, who is also a former MP in the Israeli parliament, told Al-Jazeera TV network on Saturday that the one (Abbas) who affirms to the world that Al-Qaeda is present in Gaza is considered a participant in the Gaza bloodbath and is providing a cover up for the spate of murders launched by the IOF troops against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian leader, who renounced his Israeli citizenship and opted to live in the diaspora, asked Abbas to declare that Hamas is part and parcel of the Palestinian people and political system and to halt all contacts with the "Zionists". The current settlement process is covering up for the escalating aggression in Gaza, he elaborated.

Bishara said that a new Palestinian national unity government should be declared and the Palestinians in the diaspora should assume their role in the struggle.

Abbas had asked Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza to halt the firing of locally made missiles on Israeli targets as a pre-condition for lifting the siege on Gaza. He also claimed Al-Qaeda was present in Gaza in a statement one day before the IOF aggression, which drew wide denunciation in the Palestinian arena.

Hamas: Statements by PA officials in Ramallah justify occupation's crimes

[ 01/03/2008 - 08:38 AM ]


The Hamas Movement lashed out at statements by PA officials in Ramallah that criticized Palestinian resistance missiles, charging that they constituted no lesser crime than that of occupation.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, told a press conference Friday night in Gaza city that the PA leadership's statements were justifying occupation's crimes.

The spokesman also refused Israeli threats to Hamas's leaders, adding that they do not terrorize those leaders.

The Israeli aggression would "never weaken our determination and we will remain adamant on the Palestinian people's rights and constants", he said.

Abu Zuhri said that his Movement was not contacted over Egyptian foreign minister Ahmed Abul Ghait's call for a 24-hour ceasefire in Gaza in a bid to reach calm between the two parties. He, however, explained that the struggle was not between two peoples but rather was"genocide" against the Palestinian people.

He urged the Arab masses to hit the streets in massive demonstrations in support of the Palestinian people.

For his part, Fawzi Barhoum, another Hamas spokesman who was present at the press conference, said that the Israeli occupation had planned the invasion of Gaza before the Annapolis conference. The IOA went to the conference to secure an international cover for its planned aggression.

Zionist leaders' statements point out that the IOA aims at toppling the legitimate Palestinian government in Gaza headed by Ismail Haneyya and destroying Hamas's security network.

"The Zionist aggression is thus not triggered by Qassam missiles but rather is politically motivated," he asserted.

Meanwhile, PA chief Mahmoud Abbas finally ended his silence over the IOF aggression on Gaza three days after it started and called on the Palestinian resistance to halt firing missiles at Israeli targets!

Abbas stopped short of calling for an end to the Israeli aggression but only asked Tel Aviv not to invade the Gaza Strip.

The PA chief said in a statement issued by his office in Ramallah that missiles provide Israel with excuses to continue its attacks.


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