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Hamas and Jihad Announce No Truce or Calm As Long as Israeli Occupiers Continue Killing of Palestinians

Islamic Jihad: No truce as long as Israel continues aggression

[ 13/03/2008 - 10:45 AM ]


The Islamic Jihad Movement stated on Wednesday that it cannot approve to bow to the demands imposed by Israel, highlighting that the Palestinians cannot agree to a truce while the Israeli occupation has a free hand to kill and arrest them.

In a press statement to the Quds Press, Shaikh Nafedh Azzam, a prominent Jihad leader, warned that the Israeli occupation is manipulating the Palestinian people and their cause, and if there is a serious talk about stability in the region, Israel must stop all acts of aggression.

In a reply to a question whether the calm would include only Gaza, Shaikh Azzam said: "This is unacceptable and the talks that took place between us the Egyptian leadership focused on a comprehensive and mutual calm. There may be further rounds of talks in Cairo."

He added: "There would be a prerequisite tabled by us and all Palestinian factions which is the need for a commitment to the cessation of all forms of Israeli aggression, and if the truce issue was raised for discussion, this would be a prerequisite by the Palestinians."

The Jihad leader underlined that the movement would never accept humiliating conditions and would never succumb to Zio-American dictates because the Palestinians defend their rights, land and holy shrines.

Regarding the Jihad Movement's letter to the Islamic summit in Dakar, the Jihad leader opined: "We wish that this Dakar summit would conclude with different resolutions commensurate with the size of dangers facing the Islamic Nation. Muslims are living disasters and tragedies in Palestine, Lebanon, Sudan, Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan and Kashmir."

In another context, the Quds Brigades, the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad Movement, vowed that there would be painful response "in the depth of the Zionist entity" to the assassination of three of its fighters; one of them was a field commander in addition to a commander affiliated with Al-Aqsa Brigades.

In an initial retaliation to the Israeli assassinations, the Quds Brigades announced its responsibility for firing at dawn Thursday 14 homemade rockets on the Israeli Sderot settlement, seven mortar shells on the Nahal Oz military post and one rocket on the Zikim military post.

The Israeli occupation forces acknowledged that Palestinian rockets fell on the Sderot settlement, adding that the rocket attacks caused material damage and a state of shock among settlers.

Hamas: No calm after IOF killed fighters in cold blood

[ 13/03/2008 - 09:50 AM ]


The Hamas Movement underlined that the IOF troops' cold blooded execution of four Palestinian resistance fighters in Bethlehem Wednesday night annulled any talk about calm.

Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, in a statement to PIC, said that the "savage crime" of murdering four activists of the Quds Brigades, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, and the AMB, the armed wing of Fatah, constituted a "serious escalation".

He pointed out that the murder followed the IOF sweep of arrests in lines of Jihad activists in the West Bank earlier Wednesday.

The Israeli occupation authority is not interested in any calm and is insisting on continuing in aggression on our people, he said, stressing that there would be no calm without halting such aggression on Gaza and the West Bank.

The spokesman said that the crime would not pass unnoticed and that the Palestinian people are entitled to all forms of resistance to protect the people from such attacks.

For its part, the PA caretaker government of Ismail Haniyya denounced the IOF crimes that killed 5 Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank and wounded six others in three separate attacks.

The government mourned the martyrs and charged that their murder was the fruit of security coordination between PA leadership's security apparatuses and their IOA counterparts.

It said that the IOF attacks target resistance's ideology, weapons and practice in a bid to hit the steadfastness project and to endorse meager settlements.

"The new Zionist crime at a time calm was gradually taking place in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank was a clear message to those betting on the Zionist enemy and to those who give it justifications (in clear reference to PA chief Mahmoud Ababs and his entourage)", the government charged.

Both Hamas and Haniyya government held the IOA fully responsible for any consequences to such IOF criminal practices.

Disguised IOF soldiers last night killed four resistance fighters in their car in downtown Bethlehem, three affiliated with Quds Brigades and one with the AMB.

Local sources said that one of the murdered youths was Mohammed Shehade, a prominent Quds Brigades activist who was wanted by the IOF troops for 8 years.

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