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John McCain Justifies Israeli Massacres in Gaza, Considers  Occupied Jerusalem as Israel's Capital in Contradiction with US Policy and International law

Editor's Note:

John McCain's statement recognizing occupied Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is in violation of international law, which prevents any changes in the status of occupied territories. It is also in violation of the US foreign policy, adopted and followed by all previous US administrations, Republican or Democrat alike, which have not recognized Israeli attempts to change the status of Jerusalem.

All previous US administrations, as well as the current Bush administration, announced that the status of Jerusalem, should be decided during the final-status negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis.

These McCain statements reveal the republican candidate's extreme positions, following positions of Israeli extremists blindly. The statements also show McCain's ignorance of not only international law but also the US policy towards the conflict.

What's clear is that McCain wants to see another 100 years of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, like he desires to see the US war on Iraq extended another 100 years.

Who said dinosaurs went extinct?

McCain Justifies Israeli Aggressions on Gaza

Sderot, March 19, 2008 (RNA)

US Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, Wednesday expressed consent for Israel's tough response to Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip.
McCain, during his visit to the Israeli town of Sderot near border line with Gaza Strip, said "If Arizona was attacked from across the border; its citizens too would demand a very vigorous response,"
He said the Gaza crisis lent urgency to U.S. involvement in trying to end Israel's conflict with the Palestinians: "We've got to have the peace process move forward."
Earlier, Israeli and Palestinian leaders briefed McCain on prospects for a peace agreement in negotiations launched at a summit in Annapolis, Maryland last November.
"I again believe that President Mahmoud Abbas wants to get this peace process started," McCain said in Jerusalem after speaking by telephone to the Palestinian leader, who is based in nearby Ramallah in the occupied West Bank.
It is worthy to mention that the Israeli aggressions killed hundreds of Palestinian in attack on Gaza strip, meanwhile the Palestinian rockets mostly killed not more than two or three Israelis.

Hamas: No hope for change in American strategy towards Arab-Israeli conflict

[ 20/03/2008 - 03:53 PM ]


The Hamas Movement strongly denounced the statements of John McCain, the republican party candidate for the presidential elections in the USA, in which he considered occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the Hebrew state.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, underlined that these statements reflects the American strategy which is biased in favor of Israel against the rights of the Palestinian people.

Abu Zuhri also stated that these statements and similar ones made earlier by Barack Obama, a democratic party hopeful, confirms that there is no hope that any American administration would change its strategy towards the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Republican senator McCain had announced in statements in the Jordanian capital Amman that he recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.




The Gaza Holocaust:
Israeli Attacks on Jabalia

 February 27-March 3, 2008


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