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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.

Israeli Occupation Forces demolish 3 homes, Kidnap 9 Palestinians, Including 17-Year-Old Girl Muntaha Ya'aqoub

Israeli occupation forces kidnap 17-year-old Palestinian girl in Balata refugee camp

Date: 21 / 03 / 2008  Time:  12:17
Nablus – Ma'an -

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped a 17-year-old Palestinian girl in the Balata refugee camp east of Nablus on Friday at dawn, after storming her house, as well as breaking into a number of other houses in the city.

Palestinian security sources told Ma'an's Nablus correspondent that the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped Muntaha Ya'aqoub Al -Khatib after bursting into her home amid gunfire sound bombs.

The sources added that the Israeli occupation forces also raided a number of other houses in several districts of the city, claiming they were searching for Palestinian activists.

Israeli occupation forces kidnap 8 Palestinians across West Bank

Date: 21 / 03 / 2008  Time:  11:22
Bethlehem – Ma'an –

Israeli occupation forces kidnapped eight Palestinians from several cities across the West Bank on Friday, claiming they are activists.

Four were kidnapped in Jenin, two from Nablus and four from Hebron.

The abductees' identities have not yet been revealed.

Israeli occupation government demolishes three Palestinian houses near Jerusalem

Thursday March 20, 2008 20:52 by IMEMC News

Bulldozers belonging to the Israeli occupation government so-called Civil Administration Office, which is under the Israeli army control in the occupied territories, demolished on Wednesday three Palestinian houses in two villages near Jerusalem.

Two houses were demolished in Hizma village and one house was in Al-Jeeb village.

The first demolished house belongs to resident Sa’id Arman, who was kidnapped by the army several months ago and is currently detained in Hadarim Israeli prison.

The house is located close to the Hizma secondary School for Boys and is close to the Annexation Wall. The father of Sa’id, Abu Thaher, said that he presented a construction license to the soldiers but they went on and demolished the house.

The house was constructed five years ago and included four rooms, bathroom and a balcony. Abu Dhaher lived in the houses along with his wife and four children. The family went into huge dept to build the house. Abu Dhaher said that this demolishing is unjust and violates his right and the right of his family to build and live on their own land.

He demanded the Palestinian Authority to intervene and to help him in rebuilding his home. The second demolished home belongs to resident Ahmad Al Nunu, and was built eight years ago. It included three bedrooms and other facilities. The third house belongs to resident Fawzi Ka’ayna, located in Al-Jeeb village. It included three bedrooms, a living room and other facilities. Al Ka’ayna stated that he was at home with his wife, his mother and his sister when the army came and forced them out while shouting at them.

His mother, Maisa, 56, was pushed on the ground by one of the soldiers and lost consciousness as she suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. The house was then demolished after workers who accompanied the army through the furniture out causing damage to most of it.


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