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Palestinian student killed, Dozens injured by Israeli occupation terrorist soldiers firing at demonstrators in Ramallah, Bethlehem, and Hebron

Palestinian student killed as protesters confront Israeli troops near Ramallah

Date: 03 / 03 / 2008  Time:  11:29

Bethlehem - Ramallah Ma'an

A Palestinian student was killed on Monday morning after Israeli forces opened fire on a peaceful demonstration in the West Bank against the Israeli mass killings in the Gaza Strip

19-year-old Muhammad Shreitih was killed at the student rally in the village of Al-Mazra'a Al-Qibliya, near the city of Ramallah.

Palestinians across the West Bank took to the streets for a second day on Monday, confronting Israeli troops and expressing solidarity with Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Relatives of the deceased told Ma'an that students marched to the Israeli settlements near the village. Clashes erupted between the students and Israeli soldiers near the Talmon settlement. Shretih, a student in his third year of secondary school, was shot in the head and died on the way to Khalid Hospital in Ramallah.

A funeral procession for Shreitih is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

Israeli media reported that an Israeli settler named Moshe Benbenishti, a student in a Jewish school in the settlement opened fire at the Palestinians.

Israeli security sources commented on the incident, saying, "The settler felt he was endangered when 200 Palestinians were pelting his car with stones, so he fired at them."

Meanwhile, Israeli forces stormed the village of Ni'lin, also west of Ramallah, closing all entrances to the town as fierce clashes erupted between the invading forces and Palestinian youths.

***Updated at 12:22 Bethlehem time

Dozens injured as Israeli soldiers fire on demonstrations around Bethlehem and Hebron

Date: 03 / 03 / 2008  Time:  14:37
Bethlehem - Ma'an -

Demonstrations against the Israeli massacre in Gaza took place in towns and villages across the southern West Bank on Monday. Dozens were injured in confrontations with Israeli forces.

In Bethlehem, students marched to the Israeli separation wall near Rachael's Tomb. Young Palestinians pelted Israeli military vehicles with stones and empty bottles. The soldiers fired live ammunition, tear gas and sound grenades.

Palestinian medical sources told Ma'an that at least one young man was injured and was treated at the government hospital in neighboring Beit Jala.

In the Hebron district in the southern West Bank, about 20 Palestinians have been injured after Israeli soldiers opened fire in various place, reporters said on Monday.

Ma'an's reporter said that at least 10 people have been injured in Bani Na'im, east of Hebron and four others have been injured in Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Two people have also been injured in Al-Arrub refugee camp and several people in Hebron itself, including one seriously injured.

Eyewitnesses in Al-Arrub refugee camp stated that an Israeli settler was injured after his car was struck by stones. Palestinian young people set fire to car tires and threw stones at Israeli military vehicles. Israeli soldiers intervened to disperse the demonstration using live ammunition, rubber-coater metal bullets and tear gas canisters.

Medics said they treated several people who inhaled tear gas in Bani Na'im, Hebron, Beit Ummar and Al-Arrub.

***Updated at 15:46 Bethlehem time

Bethlehem: five injured and three kidnapped as Israeli army attack protest

Monday March 03, 2008 11:15 by Ghassan Bannoura - IMEMC News

Five Palestinian school boys were injured and three others kidnapped on Monday as the Israeli troops attacked a protest organized in the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, to protest the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

School and university students from Bethlehem organized a protest against the ongoing Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has left a death toll of 116 since last Wednesday.

The protesters marched towards the illegal Israeli wall that separates the city of Bethlehem from Jerusalem; local youths threw stones at a military watch tower.

Soldiers showered the boys with tear gas and live ammunition as jeeps invaded the city from a military camp near the Wall.
Eyewitnesses at the location told IMEMC that five teenagers were injured and another three were kidnapped after troops surrounded them in a house located near the Wall.

Witnesses told IMEMC that the clashes are ongoing.

IOF troops kill Palestinian teen in Ramallah, amidst large protest demos

[ 03/03/2008 - 11:39 AM ]


Israeli occupation forces (IOF) soldiers on Monday shot dead a Palestinian teenager north of Ramallah during a demonstration protesting the IOF genocide in the Gaza Strip as similar marches swept the West Bank.

Local sources said that students of the Mazra Al-Gharbia village organized a protest march that headed towards a nearby settlement but were met with live bullets on the part of IOF soldiers and guards of that settlement.

The demonstrators threw stones at the soldiers and the IOF retaliated by firing bullets that hit and killed Mohammed Saleh Shreiteh, 18.

All shops in Ramallah city closed down after the incident in mourning the death of Shreiteh and the Gaza martyrs.

Similar demonstrations were organized in Al-Khalil city and its refugee camps and villages on Monday and Sunday night during which clashes were reported between the stone throwing Palestinians and the heavily armed IOF troops.

The IOF soldiers at dawn Monday raided Nablus city where three citizens were kidnapped after their homes were ransacked. The soldiers had imposed a curfew on the Hawara town south of Nablus since yesterday that was still in force today.

In Jenin, the occupation forces rounded up six citizens in two villages in the district.

In retaliation to the IOF atrocities, the PFLP armed wing the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades fired four mortar shells at the IOF military position in Kissufim east of Gaza on Monday morning.

Three upgraded home made missiles also slammed into the coastal city of Ashkelon, in the 1948 occupied lands, north of Gaza inflicting damage on a seven-storey building. Four other missiles fell on Sderot north east of Gaza.

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