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72 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Including 53 Killed in Two Blasts in Karradah, According to March 6, 2008 News Reports reported the following news today:

- An Iraqi guard in the Badoosh prison in Mosul was killed, another was injured in a bomb attack.

- A police officer was killed, four were injured when their vehicle was attacked with a roadside bomb in Khaniqin, Diala Province.

Double explosion kills 10, wounds 16 in Baghdad
Baghdad - Voices of Iraq
Thursday , 06 /03 /2008  Time 8:10:47
Baghdad, Mar 6, (VOI)-

At least ten civilians were killed and 16 more wounded on Thursday when two roadside bombs exploded in succession in Baghdad's commercial area of Karada, a local police source said.

"Two explosive charges detonated in succession this afternoon in al-Attar Street of Karada," a source from Karada police station told Aswat al-Iraq- Voices of Iraq- (VOI).
The source added that the primary death toll reached ten dead and 16 wounded.
The explosion also left some commercial shops damaged, he explained.
Karada is a crowded commercial area in central Baghdad.
Roadside bombing kills police officer, wounds 4 cops in Diala
Diala - Voices of Iraq
Thursday , 06 /03 /2008  Time 8:10:47
Diala-Voices of Iraq
Diala, March 6,(VOI)-

Roadside bombing on Thursday killed a police officer and wounded four policemen in Diala, north Iraq, a security  source said.

“An improvised explosive device went off on the main road leading to Himreen dam of Khanqeen district”, Diala security source said.

The source pointed out “the explosion killed a lieutenant and wounds four policemen”.
Homreen is a mountainous area taken as refuge and springboard for attacks against security forces. US-Iraqi forces launched several attacks to rout and clear the area from their activities.

Unknown gunmen kill 2 Iraqi soldiers in Missan
Missan - Voices of Iraq
Thursday , 06 /03 /2008  Time 8:10:47
Missan, Mar 6, (VOI) -

Two Iraqi soldiers were killed in an attack launched by gunmen in Missan on Thursday, a security source said.

"Unknown gunmen driving a car opened fire and shot two Iraqi soldiers dead in central Amarra," a security source, who requested anonymity, told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).

The source did not provide further details, but said "the soldiers were inside their vehicle at the time of the attack."

Amarra, the capital city of Missan province, lies 390 km south Baghdad

Two soldiers injured in bomb blast southwest of Kirkuk
Kirkuk - Voices of Iraq
Thursday , 06 /03 /2008  Time 8:10:47
Kirkuk, Mar 6, (VOI) -

Two Iraqi soldiers were injured on Thursday when an improvised explosive device went off during a crackdown operation southwest of Kirkuk, an Iraqi army source said.

“The soldiers were wounded when the bomb exploded near a group of soldiers of the 2nd brigade of the 4th division,” the source told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq – (VOI).

“The army was waging operations in a number of regions in al-Rashad district and Hamrin mountains region on the main road between Kirkuk, Tikrit, southwest of Kirkuk,” the source explained.

“The wounded were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment,” he noted.
Kirkuk is 250 km north of Baghdad.


civilians wounded by roadside bomb in Baghdad
Baghdad - Voices of Iraq
Thursday , 06 /03 /2008  Time 8:10:47
Baghdad, Mar 6, (VOI)-

Three civilians were injured on Thursday in a roadside bomb explosion in northern Baghdad, said a police source said.

“An explosive charge, planted by unknown gunmen on the main road in al-Aazamiya neighborhood in northern Baghdad, went off, wounding three civilians,” the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Aswat al-Iraq – Voices of Iraq – (VOI).

“The blast damaged a nearby vehicle, while security forces cordoned off the area and rushed the wounded to a nearby hospital for treatment,” he explained.


Double Bombing in Baghdad Hits Commercial Area, Kills 15

Mar 6, 2008,1:02 PM EST


Two bombs went off within minutes of each other in a Baghdad commercial district Thursday evening, killing 15 people and wounding 35, police and hospital officials said.

A roadside bomb detonated first in the middle class neighborhood of Karradah. It was followed a couple of minutes later by a bomb in a nearby garbage can.

Many of the victims were teens or young adults and at least four were women, police and hospital officials said.

US Forces Kill 11, Detain 44 Suspected Insurgents in Raid to Disrupt al-Qaida in Northern Iraq

Mar 6, 2008, 9:56 AM EST


U.S. and Iraqi forces killed 11 (alleged Iraqi fighters) and detained 44 others in raids targeting al-Qaida in central and northern Iraq, the U.S. military said Thursday. Three Iraqi troops were killed in one of the operations.

The Tal Afar Special Weapons and Tactics team, made up of U.S. forces and Iraqi SWAT teams, on Sunday targeted a cell responsible for assassinations and bombing attacks in the Tal Afar area in Iraq's Ninewah province, the military said in a statement.

During the raid, several fighters opened fire on the Iraqi and U.S. troops, killing the three Iraqi soldiers and wounding three others.

In another operation, U.S. soldiers shot and killed a man who drew a pistol on them and then tried to detonate a bomb-laden suicide vest. Three suspected al-Qaida members were also detained during the operation near the central city of Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad.

Another al-Qaida (alleged member) who was also killed near Samarra.

Bombs Kill More Than 50 in Shiite Neighborhood of Baghdad

Associated Press Writer


Two bombs went off within minutes of each other in a crowded shopping district in the capital Thursday, killing at least 53 people and wounding 130 - a reminder that deadly attacks are a daily threat even though violence is down.

Like in previous such attacks, the tactic seeks to draw in the people with the first blast - especially security and medical workers - before a second bomb detonates.

A police officer said the blasts also damaged seven shops and four parked cars. Like the rest of those who provided information, he spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn't authorized to release information.


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