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Israeli Aggression: Despite the truce, Avi Dikhter calls for exterminating all Palestinian factions in Gaza Strip

Dikhter calls for wiping out Palestinian factions in Gaza

[ 17/09/2008 - 01:57 PM ]


The Israeli occupation government internal security minister, Avi Dikhter, called for exterminating all Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip, saying that Israel cannot allow a hostile authority to exist in the Gaza Strip.

"We must eliminate the Palestinian factions in Gaza when the (Israeli) army declares that it is ready for the mission," Dikhter said.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Shuwaidah, the PA minister of prisoners' affairs in Gaza, called on the international criminal court in the Hague to issue an arrest warrant against Dikhter, who is in charge of Israeli jails, and director of prison authority Benny Keniak for committing war crimes against 11,000 Palestinian prisoners.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Dr. Shuwaidah pointed out that this call on the international criminal court came in its capacity as a body competent to try perpetrators of serious crimes and genocide.

He underlined that 125 Palestinian prisoners had been killed in Israeli jails under torture or because of medical neglect and deliberate shooting since 1967, noting that 14 prisoners died during Dikhter's term of office and dozens were permanently disabled by torture.

The minister also said that Gaza families have been banned from seeing their sons and daughters imprisoned in Israeli jails for more than a year, while West Bank families are deprived from visiting their relatives for long periods.

In another context, Hebrew media sources revealed that Israeli and US officials along with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas are discussing the expansion of Jenin plan under which the PA security apparatuses will obtain broader jurisdictions in other West Bank areas including Tulkarem.

According to these sources, the Zio-American side refused the proposal of Salam Fayyad which calls for activating the plan in Al-Khalil area.

Lately, senior Israeli political and security officials had highly praised the performance of PA security apparatuses in the West Bank especially Jenin.


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