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Editorial Note: The following news reports are summaries from original sources. They may also include corrections of Arabic names and political terminology. Comments are in parentheses.


Savage Israeli-Led War on Besieged Gaza Claims Five More Lives of Palestinians in Tunnels, September 24, 2008


Editor's Note:

The savage Israeli-led war on the besieged Gaza Strip continues, starving 1.5 million Palestinians who are imprisoned in the largest prison in the world. The savagery is led by the Israeli occupation government but observed by the US-EU and Arab governments.

This is the most savage collective punishment of a civilian population using the ugliest of excuses, that it is punishment for the Hamas government because of its steadfast position not to give legitimacy to the Israeli theft of Palestine and the Israeli occupation brutal practices.

Desperate for contacts with the outside world, Palestinians started digging tunnels to reach the Egyptian side of the border. International peace activists started risking their life sailing humanitarian boat missions from Cyprus to Gaza.

History will record the Israeli-led siege of Gaza is a crime against humanity.

It's shame!

It's a disgrace!!!

Relatives of tunnels' victims accuse Egyptian security of executing five citizen

[ 24/09/2008 - 12:01 PM ]


Relatives of victims of the tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip have accused the Egyptian security forces of deliberately blasting a tunnel on Tuesday while knowing that Palestinians were inside it.

The relatives said in a statement on Wednesday that the explosion, which they said fell in line with the "savage war on the besieged Gaza people", killed five citizens.

The statement said that it was ironic that those Egyptian forces started looking for bodies after blasting the tunnel.

It noted that the number of tunnels' victims thus rose to 45 citizens since the start of 2008, and charged that the Egyptian security was obviously doing all what it could to win Israel's satisfaction.

The relatives vowed that they would not remain idle towards such developments and would act on the Arab and international levels to expose those "crimes", describing what happened (the tunnel explosion) as a "stab in the back".   Inhabitants of the Strip dig those tunnels to secure their basic needs after Israel closed all commercial crossings (after the calm agreement Israel only partially opened those crossings) and Egypt refused to operate the Rafah border terminal between it and the Strip.

European campaign: New "Free Gaza" boat sets sail on Wednesday from Cyprus

[ 24/09/2008 - 11:54 AM ]


The European campaign to lift the Israeli siege on Gaza announced on Tuesday that a "Free Gaza" boat would set sail from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip on Wednesday after a one day delay due to logistical and climatic conditions.

Muhammed Hanoun, a founding member of the European campaign, said in a statement that organizing the boat's voyage was made in coordination with the Free Gaza movement.

He underlined that the boat would not be the last but would be followed by others in a bid to maintain the sea route in and out of Gaza open.

Hanoun said that the boat would be loaded with medicines badly needed in the Strip, which were bought with donations from Palestinians living in Europe. The boat would also carry a number of specialist doctors along with European MPs and human rights activists.

The aim of this sea route is to practically break the Israeli siege imposed on the Strip and to pave the way before reluctant parties to commence supporting the besieged Palestinian people, the activist elaborated.

He said that many European volunteers are expressing willingness to go to the Strip and help the one and a half million Palestinians trapped there.

He called on the Arab countries and partisan and popular forcers in the Arab world to launch similar initiatives and send ships to the Strip especially after success of the first trip.

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