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August 29, 2011


Criminal Zionism Will Bring About Lasting Disaster Unto Jews By Khalid Amayreh  

Arab Authoritarian World is Changing But How to Make Sense - Out of Nonsense? By Mahboob A Khawaja  

US-Arab Disconnect: Revolutions Restate Region's Priorities By Ramzy Baroud

To The Shores of Tripoli: The World Rejoices Overthrow of Qadhafi By Uri Avnery

Can Libya Reap the Fruits of the Arab Spring? By Yamin Zakaria  

Libya After Qadhafi By Lindsey German and Andrew Murray  

Libya, Western Interests, and the Politics of Hypocrisy By Abdul Wahid  

Syrian People Need Support from their Arab Brethren By James Zogby  

Syria: The Strange Case of Dr. Enemy and Mr. Ally By Sebastião Martins  

Need for Economic Crimes' Nuremberg-Type Trials in the US By Ben Tanosborn  

S&P and the Bilderbergers: All Part of the Plan? By Ellen Brown  

European and US Working Class Politics: Right, Left, and Neutered By James Petras  

Failure of the Global Capitalist System: We Are at the Core of the Problem By Frank Scott  

The Bank Markazi Blacklist Proposal: Straight Out of the McCollum Memorandum and the FDR Playbook for War By Mark Dankof

A Reply to David Duke's Post-Zionist White Pride Utopia By Rev Ted Pike  

9/11: A Conspiracy Beyond Theory By Paul Balles  

Israel's 'Nice Little War': Gaza, Egypt in the Range of Fire By Ramzy Baroud  

Hackers, Worms, and Israel-USA Collusion Versus Gaza-Palestine and Human Rights By Eileen Fleming  

15 More Palestinians Murdered by the Israeli Killing Machine: We Are All Gaza By Vera Macht  

Liberty for the Ron Paul Generation By Sartre  

Murky Anti-Semitism – Zionist Style By Lawrence Davidson  

The Paranoid Style of Anti-Islamism in the US By Jack Ross  

Quotations About Zionist Israeli Racism and Extermination of Arabs Translated By Adib S Kawar  

Video: Adam Shapiro Tell the American People About 81 of their Lawmakers Who Vacationed in Israel  

Video: Grant F Smith Exposes Massive Israeli Manipulation of US Media


August 15, 2011


Does AIPAC Have Only Two Major Donors? Mystery Unfolds as 81 Members of Congress Tour Israel By Grant Smith  

Gaza, Somalia: Humanity Lives On By Ramzy Baroud  

Continued Ethnic Cleansing in Palestine Mark Dankof and Saeb Sha'ath Interviewed in Press TV  

Time to Delegitimize the Assad Regime By Khalid Amayreh

Congressional Junkets to Israel By Stephen Lendman  

Recession Is Alive and Well in These United States By Ben Tanosborn  

Standard & Poor's Down Rate and the Dollar Tsunami: The Move to a World Currency By Charles E. Carlson  

Dichter's Law: More Racist and Anti-Democratic Israel By Uri Avnery  

The UK Riots: Is it Poverty or Greed? By Yamin Zakaria  

Refusing to be Enemies: Palestinian and Israeli Nonviolent Resistance to the Israeli Occupation, By Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta, a Book Review By Jim Miles  

From Arab Spring to European Autumn By Sharique Naeem  

Campaign to Drive Down Oil Prices and Create Jobs By Steven Moyer  

Breivik's Mindset Shaped by West's Dislike of Islam By Abid Mustafa  

Open Letter to the UN Security Council on the Need for a Stronger Sanction on the Eritrean Government By Seyoum Tesfaye  

ADL Tightens 'Domestic Terrorist' Noose Around Christians By Rev. Ted Pike

81 Members of US Congress In Israel Pledging $30 Billion to Apartheid State from Heavily Indebted America By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Politics, a Ne Book By Gilad Atzmon

Colombia: Pillage, Promise, and Peace By James Petras  

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Book Reviews of Mihesua, Sheehi, Boyle By Eric Walberg


August 9, 2011


Ramadan: Wealth and Poverty By Yamin Zakaria

Crisis of Capitalism

The Market Has Spoken: Austerity Is Bad for Business By Ellen Brown  

Creative Public Finance: Poland on its Way to Greece By Jaroslaw Suplacz  
Debt Reduction and Economic Growth Through Distribution of Wealth By Yamin Zakaria  


America Bankrupted After Fighting Israel's Wars of Terror By Paul Balles  

Zionists and US Islamophobes Behind Norwegian Killer Breivik By Lawrence Davidson  

US Foreign Policy: Absence of Morality and Ethics By Sebastião Martins

8 Reasons Why American Young People Don't Do Anything to Protest By Bruce E Levine  

Israeli Aggression

“Could Arab (Palestinian) Staying Power Ultimately Defeat Zionism?” By Alan Hart  

Israel, Obama, New York Times Oppose UN Recognition of Palestinian Statehood By Stephen Lendman  

Palestinian Statehood: Two-Prong Approach Needed By Stuart Littlewood  

September Bid for Palestinian Statehood By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


Hosni Mubarak: The Ineluctable Fate of Closest Israel's Ally By Khalid Amayreh  

Israel's “Real Estate Revolution” Is Not About Justice or Peace By Gilad Atzmon

Israelis Demand Social Justice in Tel Aviv Tahrir Square By Uri Avnery

Competing Narratives in Syria: Between Tired Slogans and a Looming Dawn By Ramzy Baroud  


 Postmodern Imperialism, Geopolitics And The Great Games By Eric Walberg, a Book Review By Richard Wilcox

Coming Full-Circle in Tahrir Square By Abdul Wahid Shaida  

Critics of Polls Disrespect Arab Public Opinion By James Zogby  

Ethiopia: TPLF's “Crab Mentality” Obstacle to Regional Peace, Stability and Secure By Sophia Tesfamariam


August 1, 2011


Forget Compromise: The Debt Ceiling Is Unconstitutional By Ellen Brown  

The Global Debt Crisis Is the Handiwork of the Super Rich By Abid Mustafa  

Somali Muslims Are Dying of Starvation By Latheef Farook  

Israel and the American Jewish Voter By Lawrence Davidson

Arab Awakening and Western Media: Time for a New Revolutionary Discourse By Ramzy Baroud  


Norwegian Response to the Terror Attack and the Challenges Ahead By Salim Nazzal  

The Cancer of Christian Zionist Terror By Khalid Amayreh  

Terrorism in Norway: Connections to US Extremists Geller & Spencer By Bill Warner  

De-Zionification of Europe Now, to Avoid More Melanie Phillips-Inspired Massacres By Gilad Atzmon  

Norwegian Christian Jihadi Strikes Terror and Shoots Down Multiculturalism By Abid Mustafa  

Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik's Fellow Zionist Hatemongers By Gilad Atzmon  

The Oslo Massacre: The Political Motivation behind the Ideology of Hate By Joanne Tucker


The FBI Recommended New Recruits to Read Anti-Islam Books By Abdus Sattar Ghazali  

Peter King Continues Congressional Anti-Muslim Witch Hunt By Abdus Sattar Ghazali  


The Palestinian Bid for UN Statehood Recognition By Lawrence Davidson  

Abducted Again in Al-Walaja By Apartheid Israeli Soldiers By Mazin Qumsiyeh

Arrests, a Murder, and a Visit to Jenin Refugee Camp By Eileen Fleming

Fast Times in Palestine By Pamela J Olson, a Book Review By Jim Miles






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