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February 28, 2011


A Mass Murderer Named Muammar Al-Qaddafi By Khalid Amayreh


AIPAC Vetos UN Resolution on Israeli Settlements,US Casts the Actual Ballot By Philip Giraldi


America and the Arab World, The Promised Change That Hasn't Happened By James Zogby 


 Arab People Revolution, A Beginning Of An Era By Ali Al-Hail


Are Capitalism and Social Justice Mutually Exclusive By Ben Tanosborn


Craven US Veto Costs Washington its Last Shred of Credibility By Stuart Littlewood


/Ignorant Islamophobe, Mike Huckabee, Spreads Lies About Jesus Christ in the Holy Quran, a CAIR Statement


Onward Revolution, Ridding the Middle East of US-Israeli-Supported Dictators By Tammy Obeidallah


Qaddafi The Crazy Dictator By Uri Avnery


The Myth of Jewish Refugees from the Arab World By Khalid Amayreh


Till September, The PA's Meaningless Deadlines By Ramzy Baroud


Visiting Nasser in Gaza By Vera Macht


February 21, 2011


Outrageous Veto Underscores Futility of Counting on US for Peace By Khalid Amayreh


US Vetoes UN Resolution on Illegal Israeli Settlements: Speaking With Forked Tongue By Jim Miles  


American Zionism Against the Egyptian Pro-Democracy Movement By James Petras  


Egypt Wins Freedom: Tyranny Begins Where Reason Ends By Mahboob A. Khawaja  


From the Gulf to the Ocean: The Middle East Is Changing By Ramzy Baroud  


No US Euphoria Because Mubarak Was Protecting Israel By Eric Walberg  


Egypt's Giant Step By Husayn Al-Kurdi  


Palestinian September 2011 Deadline Doomed By Nicola Nasser  


Rebranding Egypt's Revolution By Mamoon Alabbasi  


The Genie Is Out of the Bottle: Israelis Should Revolt Too By Uri Avnery  


The Winds of Change in the Arab World: Aborting the Palestinian State By Hesham Tillawi  


Truth in Stuttgart:  Israel Is Far Worse Than Nazi Germany By Gilad Atzmon  


US and Arab Revolution: Dictate Diktats To Dictators Or Not? By Ali Al-Hail  


US Government Should Remove All Those Zionists in its Midst with Loyalty to Israel By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


Restoring Economic Sovereignty: The Push for State-owned Banks By Ellen Brown


Climate Change: What's More Important Than Our Planet? By Margreet Wewerinke and Curtis F J Doebbler  


February 15, 2011


Cartoons and Posters About Mubarak and Other Arab Dictators  


Tahrir Square Camp Which Toppled Dictator Mubarak and Changed his Corrupt Regime: A Detailed Photo With Various Links  


Freedom Dawns in Egypt: Long Live the Revolution By Christopher King  


Tales of Tyrants: Ben Ali, Mubarak, & Suleiman By John Spritzler  


Treaty With Israel Is the Key Code to US-Led-Western Concern Over Mubarak's Dictatorial Regime By Ali Al-Hail  


What Bliss to Be Alive, to Be an Egyptian and an Arab By Tariq Ali  


Will Democracy in Egypt Benefit the Palestinians? By Alan Hart  


Freedom Dawns in Egypt: Long Live the Revolution By Christopher King  


Hurriya Is Arabic for Freedom: Just Listen to Egypt Roar By Ramzy Baroud  


Foreign Aid, the Sly Hand that Feeds Tyrants, Like Mubarak By Charles Carlson.


Egyptian Revolution: A Challenge to World Leaders to Peacefully Dismantle the Violent Jewish State By Gilad Atzmon  


Egyptian Relations with Israel Behind the US Interference in Egyptian Internal Affairs By Khalid Amayreh


Arab Revolutions and Democracy: Humanity's Profit System By Frank Scott


From Sykes-Picot to Mubarak-Suleiman: The Beginning of the End By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


Israel's Ikhwan Mantra: The Zionist Ploy in Support of Dictator Mubarak By Khalid Amayreh  


Anti-Muslim Brainwashing By Paul J Balles


After Egypt: Arab Voices Matter By James Zogby  


Seeds of Revolutions: Shoes and Tear Gas Canisters By Eileen Fleming  


Seize Money Stolen by Mubarak and Return it to Egypt By Paul Dunk  


February 8, 2011


A Time for Courage and Vigilance By Curtis FJ Doebbler  


America Answers Crucible of Revolution with Distrustful Evolution By Ben Tanosborn  


America's Policies and the Peoples' Revolution By Yvonne Ridley  


As Tahrir Square Goes So Goes the Middle East? By Franklin Lamb  


Egypt: The Groupthink Problem By Lawrence Davidson  


Mubarak Family Wealth of $40-$70 Billion Should Be Investigated By Adel Elsaie  


Mubarak's Day of Departure is his Day of Delay By Christopher King  


Mubarak's Role in the Destruction of Iraq By Jeff Archer  


Rallies Throughout Palestine in Solidarity with the Egyptian and Tunisian Popular Uprisings By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


The Egyptian Tinderbox: How Banks and Investors Are Starving the Third World By Ellen Brown  


The Empire Struggles on, as Revolutions Breakout in the Middle East By Jim Miles  


The Muslim Brotherhood Must Not Be Ignored By Khalid Amayreh  


The US Arms Industry and the People's Revolt in Egypt By Paul J Balles  


Truth About the Israeli Economy By Gilad Atzmon  


US Politics and Nonsense on Egypt By James Zogby  


Washington Faces the Arab Revolts:  Sacrificing Dictators to Save the State By James Petras  


The Thuggish Arab Regimes By Khalid Amayreh  




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