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July 25, 2011


Letters, Videos, & Announcements, July 25, 2011  

US: Two Cracked Political Parties, One Scrambled Nation By Ben Tanosborn  

Obama Is Not The Issue. This Is About US By Jonathan Tasini  

Was the Massacre in Norway a Reaction to Israel Boycott Campaign, BDS? By Gilad Atzmon  

Oslo Massacre Exposes the Nexus of Islamophobia and Right-Wing Extremism By Abdus Sattar Ghazali  

Rupert Murdoch's Intellectual Terrorism By Paul Balles  

Puppets in Revolt:  Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and the United States By James Petras  

Christian Zionists Embrace the Very People Who Call Jesus "Hitler of Bethlehem" By Khalid Amayreh  

Ground Your Warplanes, Save the Horn of Africa By Ramzy Baroud  

Gilad Atzmon Reviews "Post-Modern Imperialism Geopolitics and the Great Games" By Eric Walberg  


July 18, 2011


Letters, Videos, & Announcements, July 18, 2011

Who Is Rupert Murdoch? Jewish Israeli, Representing Rothschild Family, Federal Reserve Banks, Organized Crime in Control of US-EU Governments By Gordon Duff  

Democracy Begins At Home: It's Time to Take America Back from Israel-Firsters By Frank Scott  

Syria as Part of Arab Popular Revolt By AIK

Why Banks Aren't Lending: The Silent Liquidity Squeeze By Ellen Brown  

The Debt Crisis: Caused by Wars, Corruption, Deficits, and Mismanagement By Yamin Zakaria

Who Owns The Federal Reserve? The Fed is privately owned. Its shareholders are private banks By Ellen Brown  

US Congress Loves Being Lied to About the Israel-Palestine Conflict, When the Truth Is So Easy to Discover By Stuart Littlewood

Michelle Bachmann's Christian Zionism: Epidemic Bubble of Discordant Faith By Charles E Carlson  

Israeli Stooges in UK: Murdoch, Leaders of the Conservative, Labor, and Liberal Democratic Parties By Stuart Littlewood

Israeli Thugs: Organized Criminals By Paul Balles  

Killing Goyim (Non-Jews) and Beyond By Gilad Atzmon  

The Boycott of Israel, Herem, Law in the Context of Jewish Past and Present  By Gilad Atzmon  

Greece Ignores Racism in Order to Pursue Alliance with Israel By Khalid Amayreh

Gaza Rejects Greek Government Charity: We Seek Freedom and Respect for Our Human Rights, Palestinian Civil Society  

National Organizations Call on Obama Administration Not to Veto Palestine UN Membership

Murdoch's World: Demagoguery, Propaganda, Scandal, Sleaze, and Warmongering By Stephen Lendman  

Pew Poll Shows Evangelical Christian Zionist Rapture Quest Failing By Charles E Carlson  

An Interview with Shaikh Walid El-Sa'adi, the Head of the Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy, from Zambia, Press TV

Prayer for Palestinians: A Call By James J David  

Strategic Thinking Needed to Juggle Israeli-Palestinian Equation By James Zogby  

The Method in Netanyahu's Madness: Israel Rules Out Non-Violence By Jonathan Cook


July 11, 2011


Neurotic, Psychotic Israel By Khalid Amayreh

The Battle to Sail to Gaza Is About the Freedom of Palestine By Salim Nazzal

Islamic Scare in the US Paid for with Our Tax Dollars: Homegrown Muslim Terrorist Threats Practically Invented by Government Informants By Bill Berkowitz  

Multi-Billion-Dollar Terrorists and the Disappearing US Middle Class By James Petras  

US Independence Day Reflections By Paul Balles  

Why QE2 Failed: The Money All Went Offshore By Ellen Brown

Yemen Continues to Inspire Amid Great Odds By Ramzy Baroud  

On Flotillas and the Law: Civil Society Versus Israel Lobbies in US and Europe By Lawrence Davidson

Impose an Immediate, Comprehensive Military Embargo on Israel, a Statement By Palestinian BDS National Committee  

International Peace Activists in Hunger Strike Over their Detention by Israeli Occupation Forces  

Gaza, Flotilla II Threatens Israel's Dream By Rev Ted Pike  

Gazan Reality Faces Political Spin as Flotilla Considers its Next Moves By Richard Lightbown  

A Day of Israeli Hysteria: Israeli Occupation Forces Attack International Peace Activists as They Arrive By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

Brigitte Gabriel, of the Anti-Islam Group "ACT for America," Finds Fertile Ground in Nashville  

Cheating: Competition's Great Equalizer in Atlanta Public Schools? By Ben Tanosborn  

Discriminatory Nuclear Policy of the US: Against Pakistan, in Favor of India and Israel By Ret. Brig. Haroon Raja  

Jewish Self-Reflection Is Overdue: The Case of Reactionary Ruth Wisse By Gilad Atzmon  


July 4, 2011


Egypt Must Possess Credible Strategic Deterrent Against Israel By Khalid Amayreh

The New Arab Mindset is an Ominous Warning for the West By Abid Mustafa

Michelle Bachmann's Christian Zionism: Epidemic Bubble of Discordant Faith By Charles E Carlson  

Only 30% of US Evangelical Leaders Stand Behind Israel By Rev Ted Pike  

14 Propaganda Techniques Fox News TV Uses to Brainwash Americans By Cynthia Boaz

The Jewish Israeli Racist Rabbis By Uri Avnery

Feeding the Brave Flotilla to Israel's Slavering Attack-Dogs By Stuart Littlewood

Gaza Flotilla Versus Diaspora Jewry By Gilad Atzmon  

Harper Should Support Canadians' Safe Passage to the Gaza Strip By Khaled Mouammar  

How the Bailout Killed Local Lending and How Some States Hope to Get it Back By Ellen Brown  

Islamophobia Erupting in the US By Paul Balles

Israeli Freedom Flotilla II Terrorism By Stephen Lendman

Afghanistan: US Victory in Defeat By Eric Walberg  

On the Cusp of Afghan Drawdown and Reconciling with Taliban By Rahil Yasin

An Open Letter to Illinois Senator and Israel-Firster Mark Kirk By Max Suchan, Kathy Kelly, and Robert Naiman  

Anti-Islamic Hate Speech is Now Legal in the Netherlands By Yamin Zakaria  

Dispelling Myths About Libya By Anne Marlowe  

Libya and hypocrisy of the left By Sami Jamil Jadallah

ADC Calls on U.S. Government to Stand for the Safety and Rights of U.S. Citizens Traveling to Gaza  

A Diaspora Conference in Jerusalem for Palestinians from Around the World By Hesham Tillawi  







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