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March 21, 2011


Arab Revolution


Videos of the Qadhafi Zanga and Wealthy Saudi Lifestyle


A Neoconservative 'Shock and Awe': The Rise of the Arabs By Ramzy Baroud  


A Salute for Al-Jazeera TV for its Stance Against Arab Dictators By Khalid Amayreh


Clearing up myths and misconceptions about Gaddafi and the Libyan uprising By Muhammad Al-Arabi  


Why Don't  the US-Led-Western Powers favor the Democratization of the Arab States? By Ali Al-Hail  


Possible Consequences If Arab Revolutions Are Put Out by Dictatorial Regimes By Alan Hart  


The Dwarfs: Israeli Leaders Neither Understand Nor Can Cope with New Arab Revolutionary Democracies By Uri Avnery  


Israeli-Zionist Aggression on Palestine


Playing Politics at Gaza's Rafah Crossing By Richard Lightbown  


The European Union's Blind Eye: How the EU Ignores Israel's Failure to Fulfill its Obligations Under EU Agreements By David Morrison  


Ireland Should Recognise a Palestinian State in the 1967 Borders By David Morrison  


Consequences of Israeli Weapons Testing on Gaza By Richard Lightbown  


Israeli Terrorism: From Tragedy to Useful Propaganda By Khaled Amayreh  


Zionist Tales of “Passionate Longing” for Palestinian Lands By Stuart Littlewood  


Netanyahu's Lebensraum: Maintaining the Occupation By Khalid Amayreh  


The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law, a Book By Francis A Boyle  


US & Zionist Extremism


Zionist Extremist Hate Crime Against Rabbi Lerner: 3rd Attack on His Home and the Limits of "Freedom of the Press"  


Corporations Serve the State: Sanction Policies, Stuart Levey, and the Zionist Power Structure By James Petras  


Islamophobe Peter King: Incitement on US Muslims


Civil Liberties Trampled by the Tsunami of Fear By Ben Tanosborn  


Peter King Not Fit to Lead By James Zogby  


Peter King, I Am Not With You! By Mahmoud El-Yousseph  


Islamophobic Distraction Alibi Diverts Focus From Imperial $10 Per Gallon Petrol Prices By Tommy Tucci  


Major Muslim Groups Condemn 'Religious McCarthyism,' Express Solidarity with CAIR  


Radicalization Is Not A Muslim Thing: A Response to Islamophobe Peter King By Tammy Obeidallah  


Scapegoats and witch hunts: Congressman Peter King and the new McCarthyism By Paul J Balles  


March 8, 2011


US-NATO & Libya


Libyan Uprising Is a Family Problem: The US and Its Allies Must Stay Away By Ali Baghdadi  


Foreign Military Intervention in Libya Unacceptable: Joint Statement of Indian Muslim Organizations  


Libya and the Crumbling Zionist World System By Frank Scott


American Bloody Pragmatism By Gilad Atzmon  


America's War on Libya: A Different Reading of the Arab Revolution By Stephen Lendman  


Explaining Revolutions


Arab People Win Freedom By Mahboob A Khawaja  


Roots of the Arab Revolts and Premature Celebrations By James Petras  


Sykes-Picot Regime Is Falling Down in the Middle East By Zafarul-Islam Khan  


The Ugly Truth: The US-Led-Western Powers Support Arab Dictatorial Regimes By Ali Al-Hail


Bahrain Bleeds for Liberty By Mamoon Alabbasi  


Egypt, Serbia, Georgia: Learning from Others' Mistakes By Eric Walberg


The Enduring Mystique of the Marshall Plan By William Blum   


Israeli Occupation of Palestine


Till September: Are the PA's Deadlines Meaningless? A Reply By Saeb Erakat  


Mixed Messages: Arabs Challenge Israeli Disinformation Campaigns By Ramzy Baroud  


The Walls in Bethlehem, Baghdad, and Afghanistan: How Israel Benefits from America's Wars By Eileen Fleming  


Israeli occupation: Calling A Spade A Spade, Gilad Atzmon Interviewed By Silvia Qattori  


Palestine and Europe By Mazin Qumsiyeh  




Israel lobbyist funds US Presidents, Israeli Nukes, AIPAC disinformation - IRmep


Islamophobia Can Create Radicalization in the US By James Zogby  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 8, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 7, 2011  


Islamophobia in the US: News Briefs, March 6, 2011  


Denying HOPE Scholarship to Poor Students: A Massive Blow to Georgia's Public Education System By Dell MacLean  


Republicans Waging War on American Working Class: The Cases of Wisconsin & Ohio By Stephen Lendman  




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