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 Israel Is Destroying America. Period.

By Khalid Amayreh in occupied Jerusalem

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, October 10, 2011

There is no doubt that one of the main reasons for America's phenomenal economic and financial problems, which affect America's overall global standing, has to do with the so-called Israeli factor.

I know it is politically incorrect to say so, especially in an electioneering atmosphere.

None the less, knowing and telling the truth shall set us all free.

President Obama admitted recently that the US is facing the severest economic crisis ever since the great depression. However, like most of his predecessors and nearly all others contemporary politicians in Washington, the last thing that comes to Obama's mind is pointing an accusing finger at Israel and its powerful lobbies and pressure groups that have effectively hijacked the American government, especially Congress, by making sure that the American political establishment is answerable, first and foremost, to the Zionist Jewish power-centers, not to the American people.

The shipyard dogs of Israeli propaganda as well as the numerous political prostitutes who would do virtually anything to get Jewish attention (and money) would go to any extent in order to deny the obvious, namely that Israel is destroying America by utilizing and exploiting the erstwhile great country in order to expedite regional and global Zionist interests, including territorial expansion and regional supremacy.

None the less, it seems that America's economic woes are too real and too pervasive to be obliterated through a fašade of lies and prevarication by the Zionist-controlled media.

We hope that the thousands of activists who are now marching to "occupy" America's major cities will have the guts to call the spade a spade. This is because a real American recovery needs and requires a real American revolution.

In short, in order for America to reclaim itself from the current quagmire of subservience to Israel, the American people need to eject the small but powerful Zionist Robber Barons who have enslaved their country, by transforming most of America's politicians into willing slaves serving Israeli whims and interests. In short, the American people need to deliver their country from the claws and clutches of Israel and its supporters and agents who hold America by the throat.

The Zionist stranglehold over the American decision-making process is as malignant as it is tight. The Zionist octopus has its arms and tentacles deeply penetrated throughout the American establishment.

The recent disgraceful retreat of the White House over the issue of Palestinian statehood in the face of hysterical congressional pressure on Israel's behalf, showed for the umpteenth time who really calls the shots in Washington. The same thing can be deduced from the multiple standing ovations Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu received recently at Congress.

But Israel is much more than just a domestic American issue. In fact, Israel is a real cancer corroding and debilitating America, and America has two stark choices to deal with this fateful menace of historical magnitude: Either to eradicate or neutralize the impact of the Zionist cancer, at least by keeping it at bay, which is very difficult, or to succumb to it and kiss America's erstwhile status and stature goodbye.

None the less, there is no escaping telling the truth, however unpalatable it may be. Because In the final analysis, America has only itself to blame for the serious moral, political, and economic degeneration it is now experiencing and which many meaningful experts contend is not merely a passing summer cloud.

Such is the colossal price America has now to pay for years of complacency, obsequiousness and apathy vis-Ó-vis Israel.

The deliberate corruption by Israel and its agents and supporters of America's moral will didn't start yesterday. For decades, Israel and its supporters sought successfully to desensitize America's moral responsiveness and reactions to Israel's utterly immoral and manifestly criminal acts.

This moral callousness on America's part saw many episodes of oppression and aggression take place in the Middle East, including the mass murder of innocent people, ethnic cleansing of people because the victims happened to be non-members of the "holy tribe" as well as the unceasing crimes of land theft, home demolition and building of colonies for die-hard Jewish fanatics at the expense of tormented Palestinians languishing under a Nazi-like military occupation.

Eventually, and as the United States, the country which boasts about "give me freedom or give me death," looked on passively as Israel transferred hundreds of thousands of its fanatical Jewish citizens to live on land that belonged to another people.

American politicians didn't want to disturb their mental equanimity by asking the simple question of whether a country that builds illegal settlements and transfers its citizens to arrogate land that belongs not to them was really interested in peace.

For most American politicians, wining the political race, even at the expense of incurring a moral breakdown, was paramount, certainly more important than facing the disquieting question of Palestinian rights and grievances.

Unfortunately, the same moral breakdown that characterized the American policy in the Middle East for decades is still the name of the game in Washington D.C. as President Obama strives, probably against his own conscience and moral convictions, to appease Israel and the Jewish-controlled Congress on no ground other than the fact that it is politically correct to do so.

The confiscation by Israel and its rapacious supporters of America's political will and obliteration of its moral conscience enabled former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright to enthusiastically laud and justify the genocidal annihilation of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children and civilians, by saying "if it is good for America, then it is worth it."

Israel led America to invade, occupy and destroy two distant Muslim countries, causing the death of over a million persons, including thousands of American soldiers.

Then there was the so-called war on terror or more correctly war on Islam, which guaranteed that 1.6 billion human beings will be perpetual haters of America, not because "they hate our freedoms" as claimed by the former ignoramus of the White House, but rather because of America's never-ending embrace of Israeli Nazism.

America's embrace, whether occurring willfully or in spite of America's national will, has drawn much more than Arab-Muslim hostility. It has also cost America trillions of dollars; resources if otherwise spent responsibly would have saved America from the economic calamity it now faces.

There is no doubt that America, the country in which this writer received his graduate and post-graduate education, will continue to move from one crisis to another severer crisis until it faces the hour of truth, which will be the hour of America's ultimate collapse.

Perhaps, the Americans can still salvage their country, although the momentum toward the point-of-no-return is going at a high speed.

However, it should be amply clear that any progress will hedge on America's collective ability to terminate, once and for all, its subservient connection to Israel and its mighty fifth column.

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