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US Congress in Search of a Bordello, Make the Chumps Pay the Bill By James Petras US-Saudi nuclear talks, A barometer for whither the Middle East By James M Dorsey Here's Why the Arab Christian Leadership in Palestine Refused to Meet with US Vice President Pence  By James J Zogby Despite Crude Blackmail and Bullying Tactics, Nations of the World Opposed Trump on Jerusalem By Stuart Littlewood
'Ahd Al-Tamimi, The Symbol of the New Defiant Palestinian Generation By Hossam Shaker To Maintain the Occupation of Palestine, Israelis Lost their Human Decency By Uri Avnery The Politics of Jerusalem, Zionism, Trump, and his Arab Allies By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Libyan Pipeline Explosion Drops Output by 100,000 Barrel a Day, Pushes Brent Prices Upward, By Libya Times and Zero Hedge




The Right World Response to Trump Is Recognition of Palestine and East Jerusalem as its Capital By Grahame Morris  American Leadership and Palestine: Dogmatic Challenges to Justice and Humanity By Mahboob Khawaja The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Either the Two-State Solution, or Permanent War By Uri Avnery I'm Arab and Beautiful: A Response to Racism Against Arab Americans By Fady Joudah



After Trump's Jerusalem Decision: A New Palestinian Beginning Is Needed By Ramzy Baroud The Trump Effect: Positive Attitudes Toward Arabs and Muslims Are Up, So Is Hate By James J Zogby With Trump, US Conservatism Metamorphosing Into Shameful Schism By Ben Tanosborn  The Secret To Replacing Fossil Fuels By Irina Slav




American Muslims reject Trump's move to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Despite Barak's Arrogance and Trump's Lunatic Idiocy, Jerusalem Can Only Be the Capital of Both Palestine and Israel By Uri Avnery Trump's Jerusalem Decision: A Fatal and Fateful Blow By James J Zogby Trump Apes Balfour: Giving Away What Isn't his to Give By Stuart Littlewood




Trump's Decision on Jerusalem: The Entire US-Middle East Political Framework Just Collapsed By Ramzy Baroud Trump's Decision About Jerusalem Dropped the Last Fig Leaf By Mazin Qumsiyeh Rise and Decline of the US Welfare State: Class Struggle and Imperialist Wars as the Motor Force of US History By James Petras Middle East Tensions Near Boiling Point, GCC Implosion Will Impact Oil and Gas Volumes By Cyril Widdershoven




Rafah Crossing and the Impossibility of Leaving Gaza By Muhammed Shehada Decades-Long US Diplomacy Has Failed: Why the US Wants to Shut Down PLO Office By Ramzy Baroud Netanyahu Would Like to Be King of Israel and Emperor of the Jews, But he ain't By Uri Avnery In an Age of Forest Fires, Israel's Law Against Palestinian Goats Proves Self-Inflicted Wound for Zionism By Jonathan Cook



Arab, Turkish, and Iranian Opinions on Regional Conflicts By James J Zogby  Socialism, Capitalism, and Health Care, Comparison of US-EU Systems By James Petras Meet The World's Most Powerful Bitcoin Backers By James Stafford Muhammed Bin Salman, The Man Behind The Oil Price Rally By  Dan Dicker

























































































































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