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Advice to President Trump, Don't Mess with Al-Quds, Jerusalem By James J Zogby 90 US Civil Advocacy Groups Oppose Trump's Anti-Muslim Rhetoric By Abdus Sattar Ghazali 70% of Israelis Support Pardoning Soldier Who Killed an Incapacitated Palestinian By Ramzy Baroud Pavor Nocturnus during the Fortnight of Trumps Inauguration By Ben Tanosburn


Western Double-Standard, Why No Je Suis Mohammad Salihi By Mahmoud El-Yousseph Conditions for a New Palestinian Revolution Are Now There Just Like They Were in 1936 and 1987 By Mazin Qumsiyeh Ill Use of the Word Politics in Pakistan By Zeenia Satti Trump and the Environmental Challenge Ahead By Zarefah Baroud.
The Two-State Solution for the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Is Still the Only Game in Town By Uri Avnery So-Called Paris Peace Conference, The International Community Betrays Palestine, again By Stuart Littlewood The Italian Banking Crisis, No Free Lunch, Or Is There One By Ellen Brown Oil Prices Running Out of Reasons to Rally By Nick Cunningham





John Kerry and Donald Trump Both Serve Zionism, Just Like Peres and Netanyahu By Mazin Qumsiyeh Kerry's State Department Speech May Help Define a New Policy Agenda on the Israel-Palestine Conflict By James Zogby Why the Fatal attacks on the Russian Envoy in Turkey and the Chinese Workers in Pakistan By Zeenia Satti Laurence Fink, The Trillion-Dollar Deadhead By James Petras
Britain Pulled the Strings Behind Anti-Settlement Resolution By Gilad Atzmon Palestine 2017, Time to Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe By Ramzy Baroud Anti-Semitic Zionists of the Coming Trump Administration By Uri Avnery Hell Just Froze Over, The New York Times Runs an Article Saying Zionism Is a Racist Ideology By Frank Scott
UN Security Council condemns Israeli colonies
UN Security Council Resolution on Illegal Israeli Settlements, Next Step, Sanctions Please By Stuart Littlewood 2016 Was the Worst Year for American Muslims, Since 2001 By Abdus Sattar Ghazali The Italian Banking Crisis, No Free Lunch, Or Is There One By Ellen Brown US Shale Is Now Cash Flow Neutral By Nick Cunningham

























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