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Israelis Steal Palestinian Natural Gas Off Gaza Coast, Sell it to Cyprus, Greece, and Italy By Gilad Atzmon 21 o/I'm an American Citizen, Who Is Harassed in the US as in the Israeli Occupied Palestine By Mazin Qumsiyeh Saudi-Qatari Diplomatic Crisis Explained, Saudi Arabia in Talks with Israel to Establish Economic Ties By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Swiss Parliament & Spanish Government Reject Israeli Efforts to Criminalize Palestinian BDS Human Rights Movement, a BDS Statement
Most Americans Aren't Zionists But Democratic and Republican Party Platforms Are, IRmep Poll UK Prime Minister Theresa May's Deal with the DUP Is a Pact with the Devil By Stuart Littlewood Journalism, History, and War, Sit, Type and Bleed By Ramzy Baroud Is There Still Hope For Higher Oil Prices By Nick Cunningham



Hamas and the Palestinian Cause Are at the Heart of the Gulf Storm By Said Al-Haj    




Corbyn's Nostalgia Vs Theresa May's Mammonites and New World Order merchants By Gilad Atzmon Islamophobic Neo-Cons, Russophobic Neo-Libs, USA, USA By Frank Scott I Apologize for my 1967 Vote for Annexing East Jerusalem, It Was a Huge Mistake By Uri Avnery 50 Years of the Israeli Brutal Military Occupation, Persecution, and Subjugation of the Palestinian People By Human Rights Watch
Arab Leaders Forgot About Palestine, Now Busy with Qatar and Iran, More Wisdom Needed, Not More Weapons By Mahboob A Khawaja The Unwanted 'Bride', Can the 1967 War Offer Opportunity for Peace By Ramzy Baroud Nixon's Legacy Was a Great Leap Forward, Compared to Reactionary Policies of Presidents After him By James Petras Bernie Sanders Is Right, Islamophobe Russell Vought's Nomination Should Be Rejected By James J Zogby




Trump Joined his Predecessors in Not Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem By Jonathan Cook Trump's Visit to Israel: How Palestine Disappeared from US Media Coverage By Ramzy Baroud Trump Returns to the Congress, Courts, FBI, Special Prosecutor, and the Media By James J Zogby Greetings for Diana Buttu
By Uri Avnery
Why the Palestinian Authority Should Be Shuttered By Diana Buttu In Absence of Real Democracy in the US, Oligarchs Succeed, the People Suffer By James Petras Deep US Government Advances Russo-Phobia for No Other Reason than Protecting the Empire, By Ben Tanosborn Is This Saudi Arabia's Newest Strategy To Boost Oil Prices By Nick Cunningham




































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