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US-Backed Israeli Plan, Executed by Egypt, Behind the Hamas-Fat'h Reconciliation By Ramzy Baroud The Agreement of the Century, Netanyahu's New Ploy of  Persecuting the Palestinian People By Paul Larudee Israeli Leftists and Peace Activists Need to Create a New Political Force By Uri Avnery America to Rethink of its Role in Global Affairs By Mahboob A Khawaja



Why Are American Soldiers in Niger? Why Don't Children of the Elite Join the Military? By Frank Scot Independence and Self-Determination, Weapons for Empire Building or National Liberation By James Petras How to Wipe Out Puerto Rico’s Debt Without Hurting Bondholders By Ellen Brown A New Oil Crisis Is Developing in the Middle East By Doubs Surrounding Iran Nuclear Deal and Kurdish Independence By Kent Moors




US violent culture
Judaism, Zionism, and Conflation By Gilad Atzmon US War Culture and Gun Culture: They're Related By Lawrence Davidson Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions on Apartheid Israel: Origins, Objectives, and Challenges By Ramzy Baroud Catalonia and Kurdistan: Breaking Nation States Into Smaller Entities and the One-World Government By Uri Avnery




Billionaires Amass Wealth by Tax Evasion, Bail Outs, and by Giving Workers Low Wages By James Petras New Israeli Plan to Isolate Palestinians in Jerusalem by a Maze of Israeli Settlements and the 28-Foot-HighWall By James J Zogby How to Fund a Universal Basic Income Without Increasing Taxes or Inflation By Ellen Brown Can Mali Maintain Its Gold Mining Status By Joao Peixe




Israeli Apartheid Government Annexes Heart of Palestinian City of Hebron to the Illegal Settlement of Kiryat Arba' By James J Zogby Why Did the Palestinian Nimr Al-Jamal Shoot 3 Security Guards in the Illegal Israeli Settlement of Har Adar By Uri Avnery Global Terrorism of the Few Destroying the Mankind: How to Avert the Futuristic Challenges By Mahboob A  Khawaja In Their Own Words: When Trump and Obama Sounded the Same By Ramzy Baroud
The Politics of Military Ascendancy: The rise of the Generals to Strategic Positions in the Trump Regime By James Petras Puerto Rico: The Plight of Territorial-Americans By Ben Tanosborn Yes, the Israel Lobby Drives US Foreign Policy By Jeffrey Blankfort Trump's Solar Tariff Confusion Creates An Opportunity By Irina Slav






















































































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