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Real Explanation of Trump's Bombing of Syria and Afghanistan  with Cruise Missiles and MOAB Bomb

By Michael Krupp

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, April 17, 2017 

A screenshot showing the MOAB bomb, which the US dropped on Afghanistan, on April 13, 2017 Syrian Sharyat air base, attacked with US cruise missiles, on April 6, 2017


It seems to me that the most likely explanations for the US bombing of Syria and Afghanistan with Cruise missiles and MOAB bomb are:

1. Supports weapons sales  2. Shows the willingness of Trump to turn against Putin, disproving any love he is supposed to have for the Russian, or the possibility of treason. Thereby augmenting his stature as a leader.

Yet the facts are that not one runway was damaged. The cement bunkers were basically intact and any "damage" was collateral, so to speak. Perhaps preplanned placement of old aircraft.

Clearly this makes Trump appear willing to alienate Putin, in a reality-TV way.

The precision targeting capabilities of these 59, $1.400,000 missiles would make their failure to incapacitate one, smallish air base, highly doubtful. Yet clearly creating a perception of our president's readiness to act, (PURPOSEFULLY ineffectively, for the presses' praises). Thus "angering" his "pal", but accomplishing naught.

And we know all his advisors in the situation room, at the time the strike was launched, were money men, most precisely targeting the rise in stocks for Raytheon and Exxon. A hat trick of "wins" for Trump, his name itself, the very definition of "to trick or deceive" (OED, 1935 10-volume  dictionary.).

Remember we are dealing with sandlot bullies, whose brilliant schemes are on par with the seemingly chaotic methods they use to intimidate, or "govern".  


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