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US Grass Roots Groups Demand Vast Job Programs, Public Finance for a National, accountable, High Quality Health Care System

By James Petras

Al-Jazeerah, CCUN, August 15, 2017 



Democratic Demagogues and the Better Deal


After 6 months of blaming Russia for the Democratic Party’s Presidential election
debacle, the Party stalwarts have finally realized that the American electorate is not

Democratic Party investigators in Washington still hold hearings and the mass
media are still scandal mongering, but the public is not rallying to their cause.
Trump’s demagogy may have lost its appeal, while the Republican Administration
purges and internecine squabbles have been met with a huge collective yawn by the
public. The Democratic Party proves itself to be a weird sideshow for the vast majority
of American voters…and for good reason.

Their perpetual (corrupt and senile) leaders are unwavering supporters of every
indignity and economic hardship that the majority of worker families have suffered for
the last three decades.

Democratic Party Senator Chuck ‘the Schmuck’ Schumer and Congresswomen
Nancy ‘The Loser’ Pelosi have spent a collective sixty-five years in Congress. Their
joint tenure marks a period of long decline in working class living standards and even

worker life expectancy, while they have made possible the greatest concentration of
wealth in the hands of the 1% plutocrats.

The Democratic Party’s ‘ Better Deal’ – But for Whom?

In July 2017, nearly a dozen of the top Democratic Party honchos and Congress
people met to spin out a new electoral manifesto for American workers which they are
marketing as ‘A Better Deal’.

They issued prophetic press releases claiming to have received (presumably from
the Holy Mountain) ‘a new vision of the party’. They claimed ‘the vision’ was also the
result of their humble ‘listening to the American people’. They confessed that ‘the
American people deserve better’. But their sweetly harmonized collective ‘Mea Culpa’
omitted any mention of the four previous Democratic Party Presidential terms, under Bill
‘The Shill’ Clinton and Barak ‘The Con” Obama, which ushered in this deplorable state
of affairs for the American working class.

The Democratic Party’s ‘new vision’ wallows in the muddy demagogic footsteps
of ‘The Donald’ Trump: Their new ‘product’ is just ‘demagogy lite’.

Tossing electoral fodder to the multitude, they have trotted out three ‘new
promises’: 1. cheaper drug prices, 2. the regulation of ‘monopolies’ and 3. more funds to
retrain workers. Their new marketing campaign does not include even a tiny whisper

about a single payer national health system (favored by the majority of the public and by
tens of thousands of doctors and nurses). Their cheap shots on ‘drug prices’ does not
mention how Obama and Clinton facilitated the Big Pharma’s pillage of the public for
decades. They mention ‘monopolies’ but made no attack on Wall Street billionaires.
Their ‘job re-training’ promises have no provision for any national public employment
program. The ‘Better Dealers’ with their ‘New Vision’ have banished all mention of
‘trade unions’.

The minimalist program of these old hack Democrats, re-packaged as the ‘Better
Deal’, will not attract American workers for several clear reasons:

Reason #1: The Democrats Have a Rotten Record

For the majority of the American electorate there is no reason to believe or trust
the Democratic Party leadership in the Senate. The leading Senate Democrat is New
York’s ‘Chuck, the Schmuck’ Schumer, best known for his three decade residence in the
pockets of Wall Street, his open loyalty to the dictates of Tel Aviv and his cozy
relationship with the Brighton Beach mafia.

Schumer promoted the ‘trillion-dollar tax-payer bailout’ of Wall Street while
foreclosing on 2 million household mortgages. He consistently defended AIPAC officials
caught spying for Israel and has led the Zionist attack against the UN whenever questions
of Israel’s war crimes and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people arise. He led the
Senatorial Pack of wolves into destroying Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011. He has now
turned his tribal ire against his ‘fellow’ American citizens, leading the Senate campaign to

make criticism of Israel by boycotting Israeli products punishable by a fine of $1 million
dollars and 20 years in Federal Prison. Huge numbers of law-abiding Americans who
support the BDS movement for justice and international law will now be targeted with
felony convictions and loss of their civil rights by the Israel Anti-Boycott Law (S720).
That Senator Schumer would condemn thousands of his own compatriots to virtual life
imprisonment for the ‘crime’ of exercising their First Amendment Right of Free Speech
speaks volumes about his respect for the Constitution. This thug has brow-beaten scores
of his fellow representatives in Washington to support this tyrannical legislation by
threatening them with the career-ending accusation of ‘anti-Semitism’ if they waver in
their fealty to the war criminals in Israel.

Throughout his political career, Senator Schumer consistently supported Federal
Reserve free marketer Alan Greenspan, whose wholesale deregulation of the banks and
finance sector led directly to the financial crash of 2008.

Geographically closer to Senator Chuck than Tel Aviv are the factory towns, green
hills and valleys of Upstate New York where his forgotten constituents have suffered
from decades of de-industrialization, 30% de-population and a raging socio-economic
crisis of which the opioid epidemic is only part. Meanwhile, the warmonger Schumer
prefers to rant for war against North Korea demanding Trump impose trade sanctions on
China. If Beijing finally decides to tell Netanyahu how ‘the Shumck’s’ sanction bombast
would harm Israel’s lucrative trade with China, a gentle whisper from Tel Aviv would
silence Schumer’s bluster.

Peering over his bifocals, ‘Commandante Schumer’ now claims to lead the “The
People’s Resistance against Trump”. While his party activists vent against the ‘Trump
and the deplorables’ over the internet, Chuck will be attending the Bar Mitzvahs of
Brighten Beach mobsters at the Waldorf Astoria and soirees with his Wall Street
billionaire backers, consulting over strategy with his real constituents. Under Schumer,
New York City has become the most socially and economically polarized and unequal
city in the US.

Most voters know that Schumer’s ‘reincarnation’ as a ‘resistance politico’ is
laughable and that the Senator’s re-election rests comfortably with the multi-million
dollar contributions from his brothers on Wall Street.

Across the nation, most working class voters have dismissed the antics of the
Democratic Party’s ‘Maestro of Demagogy’, Bernie Sanders – who spoke pious piffle to
the workers while running errands for the ‘Queen of Chaos’, Hilary Clinton, would-be
President and life-long Wall Street warmonger.

The citizens rightly reject the Presidential and Senatorial demagogues, Trump and
‘The Schmuck’. According to a recent Bloomberg Poll, 58% of Americans disapprove of
the Democrats, a few points lower than the Republicans level of disapproval. An ABC
/Washington Post poll revealed that only 37% of Americans believe that the Democratic
Party stands for something!

Nine months after the Clinton debacle, the Democrats remain at or below their
dismal voter-approval. Trump his skillfully managed to sink a few points below the

In other words, nearly 60% of the voters disapprove of leaders from both parties.
The ‘anti-Trump circus and road show’ increasingly takes place to an empty
audience. Their “fight” for ‘transgender rights’ attracts the 1% while studiously ignoring
the basic life supporting interests of the seventy million Americans (including both
transgendered and straight) who work at lousy part-time contingent and minimum wage
jobs and desperately need full-time employment at living wages.

In multiple national polls, one hundred and fifty million Americans have
registered their support for a national, single payer health system to insure fairness and
access to competent medical care. Instead the ‘newly visioned’ Democrats are merely
offering cheaper opioids for their social pain. The people want billions of dollars in
public investment for deteriorating schools and infrastructures, not bi-partisan (sic)
expansion in military spending for seven ongoing wars and new wars in the making.
Warmongers are not Vote-getters

The high level of voter disapproval against the Democrats results from ultra
militarism, as well as their demands for provocative economic sanctions against Russia,
Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Palestine and China - exceeding Trump and his

The voters know that the Democrats ‘new vision’ is a thinly veiled recipe for
costly new wars and economic sanctions that will spill their children’s blood, cripple their
families futures and reduce job opportunities everywhere for everyone.
New Candidates, Grass-roots Movements and the Democratic Party
The Democratic Party’s fiasco and their election losses, as well as the growing
realization that the socio-economic demands of the American people are never going to
be addressed by the ‘old-new visionaries’, have led to a new ‘crop’ of candidates for the
2018 elections.

Over 200 Democratic Party candidates have registered to run in 2018 elections,
hoping that ‘new faces’ and a new style of demagogy will bring back the disenchanted
voters. These much-ballyhooed ‘upstarts’ toss out empty promises to the victims of the
dying economy, industrial towns in ruins, villages with social and health crises, big cities
with skyrocketing rents and stagnant wages. They offer nothing that can bring workers
back to a Democratic Party still tightly controlled by the Tel Aviv-Wall Street shilling,
war-mongering Pelosis and Schumers.

The Democratic Party ‘insurgents’ try to imitate the ‘Bernie’ Sanders double
speak, attacking the billionaires while shilling for the oligarchs’ stable of loyal
Democratic Party hacks. The ‘new vision’ Democrats have moats in both eyes and a long
road to regaining the votes of the disillusioned ‘deplorables’!

Media-sponsored trips to Rust Belt States to bad-mouth ‘The Donald’ and his
anti-health agenda provides no alternative to the decades of Democratic Party betrayal
on health care, especially during the last Democrat Presidents whose policies facilitated
the rise Big Pharma’s prescription opioid epidemic which has killed over 500,000
overworked and underpaid workers since 1999. Their continued refusal to hold these
policies and their authors to account does not reflect any vision of a viable solution to the


In place of the discredited bipartisan electoral system, numerous grass roots
groups are emerging: Some are operating parallel to the flurry of new Demo
demagogues while many are working against it.

Many community-based groups have taken radical positions, which demand vast
new job programs and public finance for a national, accountable, high quality health care

They demand prosecution and long prison sentences for Wall Street swindlers,
money launderers, tax evaders and corporate drug pushers.

They demand a 90% tax rate ‘adjustment’ on the trillion dollar corporations-
Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Google etc.

The grass roots movements are more than just an ‘anti-Trump’ bandwagon
(secretly driven by the old pols of the Democratic Party): They are against both parties
and all demagogues. They are especially opposed to any phony ‘Better Deals’ coming
out of the backsides of the billionaire-backed ‘shilling and dealing’ Democrats! 


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