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By Dr. Hassan El-Najjar

and Replies to Readers


Editorials and interactive editorials

2006 Editorials and interactive editorials

2005 Editorials and interactive editorials

2004 Editorials and interactive editorials

2003 Editorials and interactive editorials


American Foreign Policy in the Middle East, Designed to Create Enemies, Not Friends

September 11, 2001 and Cold War II, Communism is Dead, Long Live Islamism

What Does Zionist Israel Want?

December 2002

Israelis and their supporters should pay for the suffering of the Palestinian people, By Hassan El-Najjar and Jasmine Bergmann

Average American views of the Arab-Israeli conflict, By Hassan El-Najjar and M. Kay Scott

The US and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, By Hassan El-Najjar and Tony Lombardini

Hamas and the Palestinian Israeli peace, By Hassan El-Najjar and Mike Chittum

November 2002

Israeli and Palestinian viewpoints of the conflict, by Hassan El-Najjar and Tony Lombardini

Cold War II, America's war in the Muslim world, by Hassan El-Najjar and Charlotte Hendy

October 2002

     American Foreign Policy in the Middle East: Designed to Create Enemies, Not Friends (10/28/01).

    The US will be in a mess, a year from now, says Sandra Mackey, By Hassan A. El-Najjar

    Muslims and the West, by Hassan A. El-Najjar and Ray Paradis

    What do the Palestinians want, by Hassan El-Najjar and F Lepkin

   The West needs eduction, Al-Jazeerah TV in English, by Hassan El-Najjar and Brian Kane

   The US relations with Israel and the Arab and Muslim worlds, by Hassan El-Najjar and John Buffum

   Sharon, Bush and Arafat, who is the problem?

September 2002

    Al Gore: A genuine opposition of war or just politics, by Hassan El-Najjar (9/24/02)

   4 Palestinians killed, 35 injured by Israeli occupation forces in various cities: News and Commentary, by Hassan El-Najjar (9/22/02)

  What does the Arab world think the US should do? by Hassan El-Najjar and John Buffum (9/20/02)

  US-UK belligerent rhetoric despite Iraq's acceptance of inspectors return, by Hassan El-Najjar and Andrew Collingwood (9/18/02)

   We don't want to go to war. We don't want to be the peacekeepers of the world, an interactive editorial with Catherine Blatchford  (9/15/02)

    Peace to the souls of September 11 victims an editorial (9/11/02)

August 2002

Interactive editorials

  Whose interests are being served by a US attack on Iraq (8/19/02)

 Fairness and balance in policies, views, and reporting (8/18/02)              

 Muslim hatred, separatism, tactics, and monopoly on morality, I (8/13/02)

  Muslim hatred, separatism, tactics, and monopoly on morality, II (8/15/02)

  Muslim hatred, separatism, tactics, and monopoly on morality III (8/16/02)

July 2002

  CNN runs Israeli propaganda news to smear the Palestinian people

  Sharon and the killing cycle: 7 Israelis killed and 70 injured in retaliation for the Gaza massacre (7/31/02)

 Why hasn't the US condemned the Israeli massacre in Gaza as a terrorist attack (7/30/02)

  Salah Shihadeh's Assassination (7/23/02)

 Israeli terrorism should be condemned by the US (7/23/02)

 Zionism is Racism (7/9/02)

June 2002

  American Foreign Policy after Bush's speech (6/24/02)

 Bush's Middle Eastern Policy (6/25/02)

  Thirty-five years of Israeli terror (6/5/02)

  While Mubarak talks, Bush criticizes Arafat, Sharon decides (6/9/02).

May 2002

  Zionism, the highest stage of imperialism By Hassan A. El-Najjar

  Ending the Siege by Exiling Palestinians (5/10/02)

  Sharon's Fifth Visit: More Palestinian Bloodshed and Suffering (5/6/02)

  Congress Resolutions Blaming the Victim and Praising the Oppressor (5/3/02)

  A Salute to Arafat (5/3/02)

  Is Congressman Hilliard the next victim of pr0-Israel groups

  Blair, trying to be an active imperialist

  Carter in Cuba

  Is this what America Wants?

  US Terrorism Report includes Cuba and excludes Israel

  Yes, September 11 attacks could have been prevented

April 2002

  Sharon's Cheerleaders and the money from AIPAC (4/28/02)

  Gaddhafi Sympathizes With Bush (4/24/02)

  Colin Powell's Mission: A Surrender to the Zionist Hegemony (4/18/02)

  Can Colin Powell Take the Zionist Heat? (4/12/02)

  Sharon's Defiance Reflects the Zionist Hegemony  (4/5/02)

  AIPAC's financial contributions to members of Congress

   Sharon and Peace, incompatible concepts

  Sharon is out of Control

 March 2002

  Sharon: The Unchallenged World Leader (3/29/02)

  The Fateful Triangle - violent scenario (3/22/02)

  The Fateful Triangle: Wishful Scenario (3/16/02)

  Resolution 1397 and the Fateful Triangle (3/15/02)

  Cheney, Iraq, and Israeli Brutality (3/12/02)

  The Secret Behind the Zionist Hate (3/9/02)

Thomas Freedman and M.E. Politics: A Press Secretary of the Shadow Government, or Just a Smart Journalist? (3/8/02)

  America's Intervention (3/3/02)

February 2002

  Sharon and Peace (2/25/02) 

  Mission & Name of Al-Jazeerah (2/22/02)  

  September 11 and Cold War II  (1/10/02).

  Cold War II: The Term and the Background (1/10/02).



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   Editorials and interactive editorials

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