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December 2004

Moratinos Blaming Palestinians for the Intifada By Hassan El-Najjar

November 2004

Why Are Iraqis Killing Other Iraqis By Hassan El-Najjar

Yasser Arafat A Leader Who Did Not Compromise the Rights of his People By Hassan A El-Najjar

September 2004

Conflict Terminology A Note For Editors, Journalists, and Readers By Hassan El-Najjar

An Open Letter to Senator John Kerry The Peace Camp Is Waiting a Word From You By Hassan El-Najjar

July 2004

International Court Ruling A Golden Opportunity for a Policy Change in the US and Israel By Hassan El-Najjar

June 2004

Horrors of the Israeli War on Rafah: Seventy-Two Hours in Muhammed El-Najjar's House By Hassan El-Najjar

February 2004

The French Ban on Islamic Headscarf, an Interview with Hassan El-Najjar, By Paula Montebruno

January 2004

Six Questions About Islam, Muslims and Jews By Hassan El-Najjar and Andee Goldman

What went wrong in Iraq By Hassan El-Najjar and Jim Kronbert

People of Cana'an and Ghassan By Hassan El-Najjar and Margarita Matlis

Food: Islamic Rules and Teachings By Hassan El-Najjar

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