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Israeli Occupation Regime Soldiers, Injure, Abduct Dozens of Palestinians, Continue House Demolition, November 28, 2021 Tax Havens in Europa: Finance Ministers Often Couldn't See Through Them, November 28, 2021 Omicron Response: WHO Calls for a Pandemic Treaty, China Keeps Up Tough Zero-Covid Rules, November 28, 2021 Dark-Money Group Linked to Anti-Iran, Pro-Israel Network, Targets Turkey, but has No Turks, November 28, 2021

Israeli Occupation Soldiers Kill a Palestinian Civilian, Injure and Abduct Dozens of People, Shield Illegal Settlers Attacks, November 17, 2021 Thousands of Tunisians Rally Against Presidential Power Grab Coup, Labor Union Calls for Early Elections, November 17, 2021 Biden-Jinping Virtual Meeting Tamps Down Tension, Emphasizes Competition, Not Conflict, November 17, 2021 Middle Eastern Immigrants Stopped at the Polish-Belarusian Border, from Reaching their German Destination, November 17, 2021

Israeli Occupation Apartheid Regime Soldiers Kill a Palestinian Child, Injure, Abduct Dozens of Civilians, Demolish their Homes, November 9, 2021 Mining the Planet to Death: The Poor South Is Being Exploited, So that the Rich North Can Transition to Environmental Sustainability, November 10, 2021 China Trade: Surging Export Prices Mask Falling Volumes, But Turning Point Looms as Christmas Orders Dry Up, November 10, 2021 Lopez Obrador Proposes Trillion-Dollar World Plan for 'Fellowship and Well-Being', November 10, 2021

UN Secretary-General Says COP26 Summit in Glasgow
Must Keep One and a Half Degrees Celsius Goal Alive,
November 3, 2021

























































































































































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