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December 27, 2009

US Defense Contractor Makes Up Wild Islamic Terrorism Fantasy; Right-Wingers Act Like it's 9/11 All Over Again By Joshua Holland  

The Culture of Fear Why Americans are Still Afraid of the Wrong Things By Barry Glassner 

The Israel Lobby Behind the US Blocking of Peace in the Middle East By Ramzy Baroud 

Israel's Leaders on the Run Due to their War Crimes By Gilad Atzmon  

The Myth of Anti-Semitism By Tammy Obeidallah          

A Very Un-Merry Christmas for the Palestinian People, a Poem By Nahida Izzat 

Afghanistan Vietnam All Over Again By Hugh Gusterson 

President Barack Obama Nobel Prize for Peace, 2009 By Fernando Suarez del Solar

Russia, NATO and Afghanistan High stakes Great Game By Eric Walberg 

Sanctioning Iran a Dangerous, Illegal Move By Rep. Ron Paul

The Hypocrisy of Capitalist Democracy By Ramzy Baroud 

Don't Become the Next War President, Mr. Obama: An Open Letter on Afghanistan By Michael Moore  

Essential Videos: Hesham Tillawi on Palestine and Islam, Ron Paul on Federal Reserve, Kucinich on Afghanistan, Israeli Settler Runs Over a Palestinian  

Debunking Myths About Islam with Hesham Tillawi, UStream TV Video  

Copenhagen Talks Not Just About Energy By John Seager  

The Israel Lobby Celebrates the Stewart Nozette Espionage in New York By Grant Smith  

Captain Courageous Witnessed Dr Kelly Assassinated By W Leon Smith

Cheer the SS and Boo the DoD By Captain Eric H. May  

A Response to Hillary Clinton's Assertion that All Nations Should Play a Part in the Afghanistan Mission By John Chuckman  

The Zionist Plan for the Middle East: A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties By Oded Yinon  

CAIR Report Shows Jump in Anti-Muslim Bias Incidents, Decrease in Hate Crimes in 2008

December 15, 2009

US-Israel & Palestine: A Video of Walid Al-Khalidi Speaking to the UN Committee for Palestinian Inalienable Rights  

Mr. Obama! Violence Doesn't Work! Non-Violence Does. By Johann Christoph Arnold  

President Obama! Peace Activists Look for a Donation from your $1.4 Million Nobel Peace Prize By Cindy Sheehan  

Obama and Western Civilizations: Hypocritical Rhetoric and Righteous Holocausts By Mohamed Khodr  

Obama's Dirty War for World Dominance By Douglas Valentine  

Will Obama's Surge Work? A Primer on the War in Afghanistan By John Chuckman  

The Kairos Palestine Document: 16 Christian Leaders Call for an End to the Israeli Occupation of Palestine  

Christian Zionism on the Skids: Rick Warrens to the Rescue? By Charles E. Carlson  

David Becomes Goliath: Zionism, the Real Enemy of the Jews, Volume II, a New Book By Alan Hart  

EU Statement: Palestinians Want More Than Words By Khalid Amayreh  

Israel's Fictional Undivided Jerusalem By James Zogby  

Support Jim McDermott and Keith Ellison's Letter to President Obama About the Israeli Blockade of Gaza  

My Father Was a Freedom Fighter: Gaza's Untold Story, a New Book By Ramzy Baroud  

December 3, 2009

Americans Skeptical About Obama's Plan to 'Finish the Job' in Afghanistan  By Ashley Grosse  

Doubletalk on Afghanistan: War is Peace, Escalation is Withdrawal By Kevin Zeese 

Anti-war Leaders Blast Escalation of Afghanistan War By Meredith Aby  

President Obama, the little town of Bethlehem and Americans for Palestinian Equal Rights By Eileen Fleming  

Shaikh Izzuddin Al-Qassam: History of an Icon of Resistance By Khalid Amayreh  

Support Sweden's Proposal to the European Union to Proclaim East Jerusalem as Capital of the Palestinian State By Mohamed Khodr  

Archimandrite Filominos was assassinated by Zionist Colonizers while Performing mass in Church in Nablus By Adib S. Kawar  

Barry Rubin and Leonard Asper rewrite history and current events in defense of the Israeli occupation By Jim Miles  

Building Peace in the Pursuit of Justice: The Issue of Kashmir By Ghulam Nabi Fai

A Paradigm Shift in Singapore: Yet Apec Offers No Clear Answers  By Ramzy Baroud  

New Study Asserts Climate Change Will Increase Conflicts in Africa By Cyril Mychalejko  

Hasbara (Propaganda) Author David Aaronovitch vs. Iran's Bomb By Gilad Atzmon  

The International Community: Terminology And Performance, part III: Past Legacy Prevails By Ali Al-Hail

GAZA: Strength Under Siege, December 04, 2009, Toronto: An evening of solidarity and fundraising for Gaza  

CAIR Releases 14th Annual Report on Status of Muslim Civil Rights in the United States, Titled 'Seeking Full Inclusion'  

Timetable of PRC International Conference: 16th December, MPs, academics and experts discuss Future of Palestinian Refugees

UK Activists Challenge Veolia to End Illegal Settlement Activities in Palestine

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