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May 26, 2009

The legal status of Israeli Settlement Activities in the Palestinian Occupied Territories By Samir Abed-Rabbo  

Gaza Disowned: The Pope, Israel, and ‘Reconciliation’ By Ramzy Baroud  

UN Committee Against Torture Calls for Investigation Into Israeli Military 'Operation Cast Lead' in Gaza  

Settlement Freeze: No Exceptions By M J Rosenberg  

Obama Using the Bush Rhetoric for Hiding Torture Photos By Ali Al-Hail  

Wake Up Obama: We the People already know The Truth from Vanunu About Israel's Nuclear Arsenal By Eileen Fleming  

Charles W. Freeman: An Interesting Fortnight Appointment By David Morrison

May 21, 2009

Readers' Letters, May 21, 2009  

Remarks of Obama and Netanyahu About Palestine and Iran  

The Drones Are Coming: New War on Civilians By Ramzy Baroud  

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine By Stephen Lendman  

Time to Stop US Wars in Middle East and Afghanistan By Paul J Balles

Obama Becoming a Consummate Politician By Ben Tanosborn  

Obama's Animal Farm: Bigger, Bloodier Wars Equal Peace and Justice By James Petras  

Obama, Jesus, and War By Code Pink

Nuclear Weapons: Same Double Standards from Obama By David Morrison

Can American Leadership Be Restored? Remarks By Charles W. Freeman  

Congressional leaders inadvertently expose Israeli lobbyists, AIPAC, behind letter to Obama By John Byrne  

Fight Back: Obama's Mideast Policy Under Attack By M. J. Rosenberg  

May 20, 2009

Gaza Children Call Upon Israelis and their Supporters: Give me a smile instead of a bullet By AleXsandro Palombo  

In Remembrance Of James Miller, A Poem By Ali Al-Hail  

Afghanistan After Democracy, a Pictorial Article

The Netanyahu Challenge to Obama By Mazin Qumsiyeh 

The End Times of Christian Zionism By Charles E. Carlson

Asif Zardari: Obama's Murderous Guest By Fatima Bhutto  

Is the Pope Pro-Life or Pro-Israel? By Mark Glenn  

Suffocated Al-Quds (Jerusalem) with the Wall and Illegal Israeli Settlements By  Khalid Amayreh  

Obama's Administration: Insurgency Strategy or Suicide Strategy  By Ali Al-Hail

May 10, 2009

Using Al-Qaeda Myth From Bush to Obama: An Excuse for Permanent War By Hassan El-Najjar  

Osama Bin Laden Hype Misled Public By Karin Friedemann

Readers' Letters & Announcements, May 10, 2009

To Rachel Corey, a Poem By Ali Al-Hail  

Zardari and Karzai Before Obama, a Poem By Mustafa Kamal Sherwani    

Zardari-Karzai AFPAK Summit In Washington , D.C. : AFPAK What? And AFPAK Whom? By Ali Al-Hail  

Green Shoots or Greatest Depression? By Gerald Celente  

Prospects of a quick economic recovery are but fool's gold By Ben Tanosborn  

Obama's Drug Czar Nominee Approved a Potential Break From the Past: Is the US Finally Going to Get Pragmatic About Drug Policy? By Kevin Zeese

Israeli Activist, Ezra Nawi, to BeJailed for Caring, Unless the World Protests By Neve Gordon  

Palestine Think Tank: Celebrating Our First Year! By Gila Atzmon  

Politics of Supplication in the Philippines By Julkipli Wadi  

Taking Odds: Obama vs. Netanyahu? By M J Rosenberg  

War without Context: Fatah, Hamas and Flawed Language By Ramzy Baroud  

Was Nuremberg a Temporary Convenience? By Paul J. Balles  

May 7, 2009

AIPAC: Conference of Traitors By Mantiq Al-Tayr  

CAIR's Humanitarian Mission to Iran By Mahmoud El-Yousseph  

Clinton's Unpromising Start By Ramzy Baroud  

Cold Flu, Birds Flu, Swine Flu: Flu Of What And Flu Of Whom? By Ali Al-Hail  

From Victimhood to Aggression: Jewish Identity in the light of Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children By Gilad Atzmon  

Israeli Missiles Haunt Palestinian Kid By  Khalid Amayreh  

Kashmir: A ray of hope By Ershad Mahmud  

Pay to Play Politics is Unacceptable for Health Care Reform By Kevin Zeese  

The Emperor's Old Clothes By Uri Avnery  

When, Where the Pope Inspires No Hope By Nicola Nasser  

Time to Say No to Israeli Fascism By Khalid Amayreh  

May 3, 2009

Zionism: The Role of the US in Israel By Samir Abed-Rabbo  

The Human Cost Of US Recession: An Attempt To Understand How Recession has led Struggling Employees To Commit Suicide By Ali Al-Hail  

Mossad, Jane Harman, AIPAC and You By Tikkun Golem  

Why Thomas Friedman is wrong about the National Ignition Facility By Hugh Gusterson  

Obama's First 100 Days: NOT Through the Hopefuls' Prism By Ben Tanosborn  

Obama's Release of Information About Terror and Torture, a Commentary by Jim Miles

Democratic and Republican Voters' Divergent Views on Israeli-Arab Peace By James Zogby  

Hesham Tillawi Interviews Adnan Oktar at Current Issues TV  

HR 1913, May Prevent Hate Crimes Against Arab and Muslim Americans in the Future, Argues ADC  

IRmep files legal challenge to AIPAC-sponsored US-Israel Free Trade Area  

'Jihad Unspun' in the news, By Rehmat  

May Day Greetings, 2009 By the US Freedom Socialist Party    

Readers' Letters & Announcements, May 3, 2009  

Who Will Succeed El-Barade'i? By Fred McGoldrick  

Alternatives to a Space Weapons Treaty By Brian Weeden

Billboards criticizing US aid to Israel taken down under pressure in New Mexico

Hate Speech by Geert Wilders Applauded at Florida Synagogue 

Florida Republican House Leader, Adam Hasner, Leaves House Floor Before Muslim Prayer





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