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Dear Readers,


Al-Jazeerah server was hacked and stopped on March 25, 2013,


following the publication of the following opinion editorial articles,


some of which criticized President Obama for his visit to Israel and its results.


Today, May 1, 2013, Al-Jazeerah has resumed publication, as it did several times after the various attempts of the anti-peace camp to stop it.


It is noteworthy that all these articles have been published on other websites but none of them was hacked!


Make your own conclusions!


Here are the articles that led to the reaction of the hackers: 





March 23, 2013


Obama in the Racist, Apartheid State By Khalid Amayreh

Obama's Visit and Israel's Penchant for Conflict By Jamal Kanj  

Obama's Visit to Apartheid Israel By Stuart Littlewood

Israeli-Palestinian "Peace" is on the President’s Trip Agenda By James Zogby

A Safe and a Shotgun or Public Sector Banks?  The Battle of Cyprus By Ellen Brown  


Obama in Israel: The President Who Completed America's Surrender to Zionism By Alan Hart

Obama Gives Israel $3 Billion While Cutting Assistance to American Women and Children By Paul Balles


The Obama Speech That Was Not Delivered to the Anti-Peace, Racist Israelis By Uri Avnery  

Destroying Libya and World Order: US 3 Decades of War Against Qaddafi, a New Book By Francis A Boyle

US State Department Intelligence and Research Predicted 1973 Arab-Israeli War  


Obama in Israel to Bless Government of the Illegal Zionist Settlers By Jonathan Cook


Of Hope and Pain: Rachel Corrie's Rafah Legacy By Ramzy Baroud  


Rand Paul Drone Hypocrisy: It's OK to Kill Muslim Civilians Abroad! By Paul Balles  


A Palestinian American in Bethlehem Comments on Obama's Visit to and Glorification of  Israel By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Iraq War and its Aftermath Failed to Stop the Beginning of Peak Oil in 2005 By Matt


March 11, 2013


Obama in Israel: Tightening Alliance With the Apartheid Zionist State By Khalid Amayreh


March 4, 2013


How the Fed Could Fix the Economy and Why It Hasn't By Ellen Brown  


US Economic Intelligentsia Oblivious to Deferred Doom By Ben Tanosborn  


Patmos, The Emperor Worship Cultus, and The American Sniper By Mark Dankof  


Erdogan Is Correct: Zionism Is a Crime Against Humanity By Khalid Amayreh  


Turkey's Difficult Choice in Palestine, Israel By Ramzy Baroud  


Iran and the West are Talking:  Why War not Peace? By Mahboob A Khawaja  


Is This the Third Palestinian Intifada Against the Israeli Military Occupation? By Uri Avnery


George Galloway Speaks for Boycotting Apartheid Israel, BDS, as Much as Anyone By Paul Larudee  


Liberating the Land of Cana'an from the Israeli-Zionist Military Occupation By Mazin Qumsiyeh


How Israelis Rule NATO Countries Through Stooge Parties Like UKIP, Stooge Leaders Like Nigel Farage By Nigel Farage


How the 18 Graffiti Boys of Dara'a Ignited the Syrian Revolution By Yvonne Ridley


Mohammed Tuman Hopes to be Buried in his Home Village,  Isdood By Asem Judeh


Harper's Canada: Mockery of Democracy By Eric Walberg   


1250 Participants from 50 Countries Join in Support for Palestinian Hunger Strikers in Israeli-Zionist Prisons By Greta Berlin  


Ethiopia: Displacement, Intimidation and Abuse By Graham Peebles  








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