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Al-Araqeeb Village: Palestinian Bedouins Refuse to Surrender to the Israeli Occupation and Theft of their Land 116 Times By Ramzy Baroud Netanyahu Proposes to Trump to Get Rid of 300,000 Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel By Jonathan Cook The Israeli-Palestinian Confederation Is Not a New Invention By Uri Avnery Charlottesville and Beyond: The Never-ending Struggle By James J Zogby
Pauline Hanson's Burqa Stunt Failed to Stir Anti-Muslim Sentiments in Australian Senate By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Balfour's Shameful legacy, UK Government Must Say Sorry and Protect Christian Churches in Palestine By Stuart Littlewood US Grass Roots Groups Demand Vast Job Programs, Public Finance for a National, accountable, High Quality Health Care System By James Petras Trump's Atlantic Drilling Plan May Be A Lost Cause By Nick Cunningham




A Palestinian man walks in front of the remains of a tower building housing offices, which witnesses said was destroyed by an Israeli air strike, in Gaza City August 26, 2014.(Reuters / Mohammed Salem)
It's High Time for Corrupt Netanyahu to Be Thrown Out By Uri Avnery The Slow Israeli Extermination of Besieged Gaza By Ramona Wadi. It's Time to Leave North Korea Alone, and to Bring Trump Under Control By Frank Scott Pagliacci, Trumpiacci and a Foreign Policy of Scary Clowns By Ben Tanosborn
The Palestine Exception: War on BDS is now a War on American Democracy By Ramzy Baroud Israeli Control of US Congress, Senate Bill 720 Makes it a Crime to Support Palestinian Human Rights By James J Zogby US Grass Roots Groups Demand Vast Job Programs, Public Finance for a National, accountable, High Quality Health Care System By James Petras Tech Guru Bill Joy Unveils New Battery To Challenge Lithium-Ion By Tsvetana Paraskova




American Muslims Alarmed at Minnesota Mosque Bombing By Abdus Sattar Ghazali Internal Divisions in the US-EU Ruling Elites Behind the Frantic Efforts to Externalize their Problems through Sanctions and Trade Wars By James Petras Trump's Immigration Policy vs the Soul of America By James J Zogby Oxford Jazz Concert-Goer Violently Attacked After Veiled Threat from UK Jewish Organisation By Gilad Atzmon
Exposure of Palestinian Pregnant Women to 2014 Israeli Attacks on Gaza and the Load of Heavy Metal in the Hair of Mothers and Newborns By Paola Manduca Power to the People: Why Palestinian Victory in Jerusalem is a Pivotal Moment By Ramzy Baroud The Balfour Declaration: Time for the UK to Say Sorry to the Palestinian People, Time We Made Amends By Stuart Littlewood Venezuela Rebellion Could Send Oil To $80 By Nick Cunningham

































































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