"Terrorism" & "Islamo-Fascism" Propaganda Campaigns



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Campaign Goals


Islamo-Fascism Propaganda Campaigns in US College Campuses

Organizing a week-long "Islamo-Fascism" pro-war propaganda campaigns in US college campuses is an attempt by the Israel Lobby operatives to achieve several goals:

First, to distract the American people from the major problems facing the United States internally, and directing their attention somewhere else.

Second, to justify the continuation of US wars in the Muslim world. The implication is that the US has no other choice but to fight "Islamic Fascism." 

Third, to distract attention from the horrors of the war in Iraq and its horrendous consequences on the Iraqi people and the American people.

Fourth, to distract attention from the genocidal Israeli war crimes committed against the Palestinian people generally, and Palestinians in Gaza Strip in Particular. 

Fifth, to dehumanize Muslims generally and Muslim Americans in particular, by smearing their religion of Islam as a Fascist religion. Thus, when Muslim American civil rights are violated as a result of the Patriotic Act, other Americans may accept that as warranted by security.

Sixth, to intimidate and alienate Muslim American students and creating an intellectual barrier between them and their colleagues in order to silence them so they may not tell their colleagues the truth they know.

Finally, to intimidate and alienate Muslim American professors by smearing them as followers of a fascist religion. The objective is that they may be boycotted by their colleagues and their students. By discrediting them as adherent to a "bad" religion, their knowledge, views, and contributions are also discredited.