"Terrorism" & "Islamo-Fascism" Propaganda Campaigns



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Victims of Propaganda


I'd like to address some of these questions tonight by examining consequences of propaganda campaigns on Palestinians and Muslim Americans.

When propaganda campaigns are launched, there must be goals to be achieved for the organizers. 

The Israeli occupation government continuous propaganda campaigns to label Palestinians as "terrorists" aimed at dehumanizing the Palestinian people. 

The target audience of these campaigns, Americans and Europeans, are supposed to tolerate the persecution and oppression of the Palestinian people to the point of subjugation and acceptance of slavery of the occupation.

Any attempt to resist the occupation is labeled as "terrorism." Even if you try to tell the truth about the Israeli occupation, you may be labeled as terrorist, or if you're lucky as "sympathizing with terrorists."

Supporters of Israel in the US, described by Mearsheimer and Walt as the Israel Lobby, have achieved almost total control over the corporate media, Congress, and the federal government foreign policy.

This overwhelming influence of the Israel Lobby has shielded the Israeli occupation of Palestine and punished even elected officials, like Paul Findley and Cynthia McKinney, who dared to speak.

Even President Jimmy Carter has been severely attacked for daring to tell the truth about the Israeli government, as an Apartheid regime, which blocked every opportunity for peace. 

The Israel Lobby operatives are not still content with the control they have over the media, Congress, and US foreign policy. They want to subjugate US college campuses too. They want to bombard college campuses with the same pro-war propaganda and dehumanization of Palestinians, other Arabs, and Muslims.

This is the context in which these propaganda campaigns are launched. The Israel Lobby operatives in the Pentagon, Wolfowitz, Pearl, and Feith planned the US war on Iraq. The corporate media beat the drums of war, smearing Iraqis and dehumanizing them to prepare the US population psychologically to accept the horrors of the war later.

Now, they left the Pentagon but also left the US stuck there with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and thousands of Americans dead, and the destruction of a prosperous Arab state. The damage to the US economy and the US standing in the world needs decades to repair. 

During the past six years, the US national debt has increased by more than $5 trillion (it is more than $9 trillion now) as a result of military spending on US wars worldwide, particularly in Iraq. The dollar lost more than 40% of its value. Oil prices have hit $90 per barrel and they are still on the rise.

Still, the Israel Lobby operatives are not content. They want the US to attack Sudan, and occupy the oil-rich Darfur. They also want the US to attack Iran, under the pretext of the Iranian nuclear threat to Israel.

To prepare the American people to accept the US invasion of Iraq, the war propaganda focused on two issues: Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction and Iraq's links to Al-Qaeda, both of which turned to be false according to a bipartisan Committee.

The new pro-war propaganda campaign against Iran now focuses on the Iranian nuclear program. They claim that Iran may be able to make nuclear weapons in few years, which is a threat to Israel.

The pro-war propagandists never mention that the Israeli occupation government is the only one in the Middle East which possesses nuclear weapons. It is also the most aggressive in the region as demonstrated by the number of wars it launched against its neighbors and by its continuous occupation of the Arab territories and continuous oppression of the Palestinian people.