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January 31, 2011


Hillary! Take Notice: Egyptians Are Not Intimidated by the F-16s Flying on their Heads in Cairo By Yvonne Ridley


Transformation Is Coming to the Arab World, Despite Biden's Defense of Dictators By Mazin Qumsiyeh


Israel and Its Despotic Arab Regimes Shake as Revolution Sweeps Through the Middle East By Salim Nazzal  


Mubarak Must Go By Khalid Amayreh  


Next ... Liberating the American People from the Israel-Firsters By Gilad Atmon


Rude Awakening: US-Backed El-Barade'i Harvests the Revolution By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich


It's Time for the U.S. to Stop Standing by the Middle East Dictators By Jim Miles  


Limited Options for the U.S. in the Face of Turmoil Throughout the Middle East By James Zogby  


Middle East at Strategic Crossroads, U.S. as Well By Nicola Nasser  


Tunisia: How We Got Here and the Task Ahead By Ramzy Baroud  


Rand Paul Demands No More Aid to Israel By Rev Ted Pike


Boeing-Owned Narus of Sunnyvale, California Americans Helped Mubarak to Crush Dissent By Tariq Khattak  


Furious Reaction to Al-Jazeera Documents About Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations By Khaled Amayreh


Rep. King, Ignoramus or Liar? This Is My America Too By Mahmoud El-Yousseph


January 25, 2011


Videos, Letters, Announcements, January 25, 2011


The Rabbis of the Devil in the Zionist State By Khalid Amayreh  


The King's Toara: A Complete Israeli Guide for Killing Gentiles By Rev Ted Pike


Wake Up Call for Israelis: The World Is No Clumsy Monster By Uri Avnery  


United States Has a Choice in Tunisia By Nicola Nasser  


Generalizing Tunisia: Context Overrides Story By Ramzy Baroud  


Hijab Makes a Return in Tunisia By Yvonne Ridley  


Reflections on Tunisia By James Zogby  


Israeli War on Gaza, Operation Cast Lead, Is Over, But the Nightmare Continues By Mohammed Omer  


Tunisia and Reshaping the Arab World By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


Jerusalem and the Unraveling of 'the Peace Process Industry' By Mazin Qumsiyeh  


London's Foreign Office might as well relocate to Tel Aviv By Stuart Littlewood  


20th Anniversary of Desert Storm: A Score of Criminality Unsettled By Ben Tanosborn  


Can a Criminal State Deal With War Criminals? By Gilad Atzmon  


Palestine Looks Abroad for Rational Understanding By Mahboob A. Khawaja  


The Human's Ever troubling question: Who Created The Universe? By Ali Al-Hail  


The Russian Republic of Jews, Olbyrg,  Is the Solution for Israelis and Zionists By Hiam Hassan, Translated By Adib S Kawar  


Gaza Flotilla Massacre: Whitewash Absolves Israel By Stephen Lendman  


Israeli Racism By Stephen Lendman


The Palestinian Right of Return Under International Law, a New Book By Francis A Boyle  


US Policies Only Conducive to Israel By Kamal Khan  


Washington State Joins Movement For Public Banking By Ellen Brown


January 16, 2011


Tunisia: Tyrants Must Go Now By Khalid Amayreh


Tunisia Former Dictator Ben Ali: Friendless, Homeless, and Humiliated. Dictators ! Take Note By Yvonne Ridley  


Since When "Israel” Was Not a Fascist State? By Samir Karam, Translated by Adib S. Kawar  


Roots of Arizona's Violence: Assassination of Gabrielle Giffords By Stephen Lendman  


The Crown and the Coals: Lebanon Is in Crisis By Uri Avnery  


Israel: A Renegade, Lawless and Murderous State By Khalid Amayreh  


The Last Step in Liberation of Palestine and the Rest of Humanity: Developing a Winning Attitude By Mazin Qunsiyeh  


Gabby Giffords: A Victim of the Politics of Hate By Abdus Sattar Ghazali  


Hypocrisy of Britain's Israel lobby: Israel Begrudges Palestine its Fragile Tourism By Stuart Littlewood  


Israeli Occupiers Who Became Victims of their Military Occupation Broke the Silence  By Eileen Fleming  


The Secretive Campaign to Halt Press TV in the UK By Lauren Booth  


Failure of British Academia: Deepak Tripathi’s Book that Was Not Meant to Be Published By Ramzy Baroud


Faux Faithful Abuse of the US Constitution By James Zogby  


Yes, I Can Dare to Dream in Gaza By Rana Shubair  


ADL-SPLC: 'Incivility' of Right Probably Prompted Arizona Shooting By Rev. Ted Pike  


Christian Arabs' Plight: Foreign 'Protection' Counterproductive By Nicola Nasser  


Did the US Government Have an American Teenager Beaten In Kuwait? By Nick Baumann  


Ecology and Islam: A Review of Ibrahim Abdul-Matin's "Green Deen" By Eric Walberg  


January 10, 2011


Letters, Videos, & Announcements, January 10, 2011  

Of Course, Israel Is Egypt's Enemy By Khalid Amayreh

Weapons of Murdoch's Mass Deception: Time to Turn to Alternative Media By Paul J Balles  

Zionist Lobby's New Orders For Obama: Howard Berman Draft AIPAC's Resolution Against Palestine By Alan Hart  

Alex Abella Reveals How the RAND Corporation Plotted to Start World War III By Paul Joseph  

Former Top AIPAC Official States Passing US Secrets to Israel Is Routine for the Israel Lobby By Philip Giraldi  


Islamophobic Hyper Hysterical Attack On US Constitution By Tommy Tucci

Largest US Military Budget Since World War II: $725 in 2011 By Rick Rozoff  

Insisting on Their Humanity: The Plight of the Palestinians By Ramzy Baroud  

Who is Behind Wikileaks? By Michel Chossudovsky  

WikiLeaks: More Israeli Game Theory Warfare? By WRMEA  

An Open Letter from Gaza: Two Years after the Massacre, a Demand for Justice By Gaza NGOs  

Besieged Gaza Two Years After Cast Lead By Stephen Lendman  

Gaza Doctor's Story: A Painful Legacy Of the Israeli Occupation By Jane Eisner  

We Will Not Go Down, for Gaza Tonight By Kourosh Ziabari  

Israel's Barbaric Solitary Confinement of Palestinian Political Prisoners By Stephen Lendman  

The Atlas of Palestine! A New Book By Al-Awda  

Hidden Histories: Palestine and the Eastern Mediterranean, a New Book by Basem L Ra'ad, a Review By Jim Miles  


January 3, 2011


A Palestinian Appeal to Europe to Recognize the Free Palestine By Salim Nazzal  

Latin America Recognizes Palestine By Jim Miles  

Israeli Terrorism: With Death From Gaza By Mahmoud El-Yousseph  

Joe Lieberman, MEK Murder in Iran, and the Mythology of a Righteous Almighty America By Mark Dankof  

Breaking the Israeli Siege of Gaza an Obligation By Richard Lightbown  

Israel's Genocidal Aggression on Gaza Revisited By Khalid Amayreh  

Lieberman and Netanyahu's Plan: Interim Forever! By Uri Avnery  

Jews, Judaism, and Jewishness By Gilad Atzmon  

Most Israelis Approve Racist Rabbis By Rev Ted Pike  

Since There's A Global Consensus On Israeli Illegal Settlements: What's going on? By Ali Al-Hail  

Networks of US Empire and Realignments of World Powers By James Petras  

President Obama and the US Generals in Search of Navigational Change By Mahboob A. Khawaja  

Rethinking Imperialist Theory By James Petras  

Islamic Intelligence Strategic Summary By Captain Eric H. May  

Islamophobia in Western Media By Stephen Lendman  

Hope in 2011: Peoples, Civil Society Stand Tall By Ramzy Baroud  

Hail to the Thief: The New York Times Defends Mikhail Khodorkovsky By Stephen Lendman  

Western Double Standards: The Cases of Khodorkovsky and Guantanamo By Yvonne Ridely  

Most Israelis Approve Racist Rabbis By Rev Ted Pike  

Economic Implosion: Will America's Economic Tower Topple in 2011? By Ben Tanosborn  

America's International Standing Does Not Match its Superpower Status By Yvonne Ridley  

A New Year's Reflection on Immigration By James Zogby

2nd Anniversary Reflections on the Israeli Terrorist War on Gaza, So-Called Operation Cast Lead By Eileen Fleming

Dahlan Is Not Innocent By Khalid Amayreh  

In Italy, "A Propos de Notre Mission en Palestine" By Mazin Qumsiyeh  

Lebanese! Beware of the Treacherous Israeli Snake By Khalid Amayreh  

The Bankruptcy of Canadian Zionists and Their Stooges By Hanna Kawas  

The Palestinian and Zionist Causes Through the Eyes of their Spokespersons By Lawrence Davidson  

Tunisian Unrest Stirs Arab World By Emad Mekay  

Why are the Islamic Movements so Deluded? By Yamin Zakaria



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