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December 30, 2008

Day 4 of the Zionist Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Gaza Strip, 178 Palestinian Civilians Killed, Death Toll Reached 384, 1724 Injured

Emergency appeal for food, meds, clothes, Free Gaza ship attacked by Israeli Navy, diverts to Lebanon  

The Goal Is Changing Hamas Regime By Force, Not as Zionist Disinformation About Rockets By Khalid Amayreh  

21 Afghanis Killed in a Suicide Bombing, Pakistan Closes NATO Supply Line, Taliban Rules Through a Shadow Government

December 29, 2008

Day 3 of: Zionist Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Besieged Gaza Strip, 345 Palestinians Killed, 1,650 Injured  

Israel Started the War, Only Hamas Will End it, Only the Resistance Will Win  

Palestinian Fighter, Egyptian Security Officer Killed in Clashes, Islamic University and Imad Aqel Mosque Targeted by Israeli Terrorist Attacks  

Two Palestinians Killed, Scores Injured and Kidnapped in West Bank, During Protests Against the Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Gaza Strip  

World-Wide Protests Against Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Gaza, December 30, 2008  

Boat Dignity Leaves for Gaza, Challenges World to Stop the Israeli Madness  

December 28, 2008

Zionist Israeli terrorist air strikes continue on Gaza, killing 285 Palestinians, Injuring 900  

US Government Shields Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Gaza, US-Made F-16 Warplanes Used in Killing Palestinian Children, Women, Civilians  
Using US-Made F-16 Warplanes, New Israeli Terrorist Air Raids on Gaza Kill 4, Destroy a Mosque  

Zionist Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Besieged Gaza Strip, Killing 225 Palestinians, Injuring 700, in Initial Reports  

December 27, 2008

Zionist Israeli Terrorist Attacks on Besieged Gaza Strip, Killing 225 Palestinians, Injuring 700, in Initial Reports  

December 26, 2008

3 US Soldiers, 14 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, According to Initial  December 26, 2008 News Reports  

Li Keqiang and Hosni Mubarak Willing to Further Strategic Cooperation Between China and Egypt  

NYU claims $24 million Madoff-related loss  

Muslim American News Briefs, December 26, 2008 

December 25, 2008

2 US-British Soldiers, 6 Afghanis Killed, Taliban Fighters Choke NATO Supplies

11 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Scores Injured, According to Initial December 25, 2008 News reports  

Palestinian Christians and Pilgrims Celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem

Palestinian Killed, three Injured in Israeli Air Strike, Israeli Cabinet Approves Invasion of Gaza Strip  

PFLP secretary-general, Ahmed Sa'adat, sentenced to 30 years imprisonment by Israeli military court

December 24, 2008

3 US Soldiers, 13 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, According to December 24, 2008 News Reports  

Five Hamas Fighters Killed in Gaza, Elderly Political Prisoner Dies, Seven Civilians Kidnapped by Israeli Occupation Forces  

NATO soldier killed in Afghanistan attack, Karzai Laments Coalition Use of Thugs  

Investor Villehuchet, Who Lost $1.4 Billion to Madoff, Kills Himself  

Mystery Surrounds Death of Bush Adviser, Mike Connell, Due to his Role in the 2004 Presidential Election Results from Ohio  

American Express to Receive $3.39 Billion from US Government, World Economies Limp Toward Christmas  

New Somali Prime Minister, Muhammed Guled, Resigns a Week After Appointment  

Spanish peace activists march through Hebron Old City, Arab activist urge youth to ignore your governments and visit Gaza  

December 23, 2008

11 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, US Helicopter Crashes, 2 US Hummers Attacked, According to December 23, 2008

Majority of Gaza crossings and bakeries closed as flour and gas supplies depleted by the Israeli brutal siege of 1.5 million civilians  

58% of the Illegal Israeli Settlement of Ofra Built on Private Palestinian Lands, Even Illegal by Israeli Law  

US and Chinese Shares, Stocks, Dollar Continue to Fall, Gold Continues to Rise, Exactly as Capitalists Planned  

Vladimir Putin Says the Era of Cheap Gas Is Over  

Iran denies agreement with Russia over missile delivery  

Iran Strengthens Ties with South Americans in Retaliation to the Israeli-Led US-EU Pressures

Military Coup in Guinea After Death of President Lansana Conte  

December 22, 2008

Russia to Sell Iran S-300 Surface-to-Air Missile System in Defense Against Israeli Aircraft and Missiles  

US Soldier, 4 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, No Evidence to Convict 10,000 Iraqi Detainees in US Prisons  

Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Seven Civilians in Gaza, Including a Woman and a Child, Kidnap 10 Civilians in the West Bank  

Palestinian Suicide Bombers Parade to Warn of Retaliation Inside Israel if Gaza Strip is Invaded  

December 21, 2008

US Soldier, 13 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Hans Bliks Speaks Out, December 21, 2008

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Israeli Helicopters Fire Missiles at Northern Gaza, a Day After Killing a Palestinian Fighter, Israeli Ministers Threaten Hamas Leaders with Assassination  

Israeli Occupation Forces Storm Ramallah and Tulkarem, Steal Money During House Searches, Demolish Al-Kurd Tent in Jerusalem for 4th Time  

Israeli Occupation Terrorist Forces Assault Palestinian Political Prisoners in Ofer  

Lebanese Fraternity Boat Carrying Aid to Besieged Gaza in First Week of January, Third After Libyan and Qatari Boats

December 20, 2008

Rahm Israel Emanuel, First Obama Appointment, Caught up  

46 NGOs endorse Report to the UN on Canada’s failure to prevent and punish violations of Omar Khadr’s universally protected rights  

FEDS Argue Return Law Makes Jews Flight Risk  

Georgia State Attorney-General Asked to Protect Religious & Legal Rights Against Anti-Hijab Judge in Douglasville  

Portugal to take Guantanamo inmates  

Supreme Court to decide Ashcroft, Mueller immunity  

U.S. Citizen Naji Hamdan Detained and Tortured in the United Arab Emirates

Dececmer 19, 2008

Oil drops to $36 per barrel as demand concern outweighs OPEC cut

White House Unveils $26 Billion Loan Plan to Bail Out Auto Industry  

US Occupation of Afghanistan:

One Dutch, 3 Danish Soldiers killed in Afghanistan, Czech Lawmakers Order Troop Withdrawal, Canadian as Governor of Kandahar

US Occupation of Iraq:

8 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Mass Grave in Ur, 4 Attacks on US Forces, a Coup Attempt Discovered  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Truce Ends Today, Due to Israeli Refusal to End Gaza Siege, Israeli Invasion to Follow

Palestinian Man Killed, 10 Wounded in Israeli Air Raids on Gaza, Palestinian Fighters Retaliate with Rocket Attacks  

Israeli Occupation Forces Escalate Attacks on Gaza, Cut Water on Beita, Invade Jenin

Gaza Blockade Unprecedented, Hardship Unacceptable, Says UN Peace Envoy Robert Serry  

Free Gaza Movement: We Do Not Ask Permission from Israel  

Zionist Tony Blair, hints support for Israeli assassination of Hamas leaders in Gaza  

French Zionists Grant Parisian Citizenship to Israeli POW Gilad Shalit, Express Hostility to 11,000 Palestinian Political Prisoners and their Nation

Protesters throw shoes at Israeli occupation soldiers near Ramallah, in return to rubber-coated bullets from soldiers

December 17, 2008

US Occupation of Iraq:

26 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Including 3 Executed by Death Squads, According to December 17, 2008 News Reports

British Troops to Leave Iraq in First Half 2009, Brown Concedes, No More Press Conferences 

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Israeli Occupation Forces Injure Two Women in Gaza, Kidnap 9 Civilians in the West Bank, Impose Curfew on Harmallah Village, Illegal Settlement Activity Continues 

Speaker of Palestinian Parliament, Aziz Al-Duwaik, Sentenced for 3 Years by Israeli Occupation Court to Prevent him from Assuming Presidency on January 9

UN Resolution 1850, Protection for the Israeli Occupation, Illegal Settlements and Support for Annexing Jerusalem to the Zionist State 

US Empire:

US to Set Up Military Bases in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan  

U.S. Fed cuts key interest rate to record low to save economy from deep recession

Impeachment Launched Against Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich 


OPEC Decreases Oil Production By 2 Million Barrel a Day, in an Attempt to Stop Falling Prices  

Cuba officially joins Rio Group 

Suspected war criminals safe in Britain

December 16, 2008

12 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Protests Continue Demanding Release of Shoe Thrower, According to December 16, 2008 News Reports 

Israeli Occupation Forces Execute Palestinian Youngman Jihad Nawahda, Kidnap 24 Civilians, Renew Blockade of Gaza, Bulldoze Protest Camp

2000 Afghanis Massacred in 2001, Buried in a Mass Grave, Attempts to Remove their Remains to Hide the Evidence  

New US Surge Tactics in Afghanistan: Splitting Taliban Into Moderates and Hardliners, Isolating Al-Qaeda  

Protests Against Somali President for Sacking Prime Minister, Who Is Supported by Parliament  

Bernard Madoff Thievery Scandal Causes Falling of US Stocks, Significant Losses to French Banks  

Oil prices retreat to $39 per barrel amid recession worries, OPEC to slash oil output  

Spanish Arab and Jewish Genetic Heritage By Juan Cole

December 15, 2008

Riots and Protests Continue in Greece for 10th Day  

US Occupation of Iraq:

Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoes at Bush in Baghdad  

21 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, 200 Iraqi Law Suits Against Rumsfeld in Private Security Companies for Torturing Iraqi Detainees, According to December 15, 2008 News Reports  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Several Palestinian Cities, Injuring, Beating, and Kidnapping Civilians, on December 15, 2008  

Mesha'al Meets with Carter, Says No Renewal to Gaza Truce Due to Israeli Lack of Commitment  

In Hamas 21st Anniversary, Haniya Says No Ceasefire Without Lifting the Israeli Siege

December 12, 2008

Revolt Against Capitalist Dictatorship:

 Thousands of Filipinos Take to Street against Changing the Constitution to Allow Gloria Arroyo to Stay in Power 

 Riots and Clashes Continue in Greece, Expressing Wider Discontent

Israeli War Crimes in Palestine:

Israeli War Criminals Close Gaza Crossings After Brief Opening, Claim Easing Restrictions on Nablus Travel, Boat Dignity Departs Besieged Gaza

Israeli Occupation Forces Invade Salfit, Hebron, Bilin, and Khan Younis, Terrorizing Residents, Injuring 4, Kidnapping 18 Palestinian Civilians 

Global Capitalist Crisis:

 US Auto Loan Package Dies in Senate After Being Passed in House 

EU leaders Agree on 200 Billion Euros Stimulus Package 

As Recession Begins Officially,  Russians Turn to Iran to Develop Oil Fields

Oil tumbles nearly 10% to $43 per barrel, on failed auto bailout 

Arab leaders to discuss railway, road network at Kuwait summit.htm

 December 11, 2008

Russia looks to cut crude production - mulls OPEC membership

Canada rejects Gates' hint to extend Afghan mission  

US Occupation of Iraq:

48 Iraqis Killed, 100 Injured in Kirkuk Suicide Bombing, 3 Attacks on US Forces, According to December 11, 2008 News Reports  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Blockade Continues as World Marks the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 

Israeli Occupation Forces and Settlers Invade Palestinian Cities of Jenin, Nablus, Sebestia, Kidnapping and Injuring People, Burning Houses, Destroying Cars and Property 

Gaza mental health program demands international protection for civilians 

Israeli War Criminals Olmert, Vilnai, Dichter, and Ashenazi Sued at International Criminal Court for Committing Crimes Against Humanity, War Crimes, and Genocide 

Tzipi Livni says no place for Arabs in Israel after a Palestinian state is established

December 10, 2008

US Occupation of Afghanistan:

McCain: Afghanistan situation will get more difficult  

Taliban Control 72% of Afghanistan, Surround Kabul, NATO in Denial  

9 Afghanis Killed by US Forces Fire, 2 Killed in Bomb Explosion  

US Occupation of Iraq:

6 Iraqis Killed, Including 2 Executed by Death Squads, According to December 10, 2008 News Reports  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Half Gaza Children Suffer from Anemia, Amnesty International Says Israeli Siege of Gaza Leaves People Barely Alive  

Illegal Israeli settlers storm mosque of Doma, assault Imam  

Ethiopian Occupation of Somalia:

Sharif Sheik Ahmed Returns to Somalia as Ethiopian Occupation Forces Leave to Fight Civil War in Ogaden  


Illinois Governor accused of attempting to sell US senate seat  

White House, Congressional Democrats agree in principle on auto bailout plan  


Greek PM calls for cancellation of planned trade union rallies  

Russia & Latin America

Medvedev Welcomes Argentine President, Christina Fernandez, in Moscow  

Muslims in Europe:

Italian Religious Intolerance: Only One Mosque Officially Recognized for One Million Muslims  

Muslims prosper in Catholic Poland  


Haj Reflections Day 4: A riot of color in Mina By Siraj Wahab  

Stoning the Devil for the Second Consecutive Day

December 9, 2008

European Capitulation to the Zionist State Continues Despite Token Objections  

Fourth blockade-defying ship reaches Gaza  

Hajj pilgrims pray, Palestinians deprived of Eid traditions


Stoning the Devil: Third Day of Haj  

Haj Reflections Day 3: Autorickshaws in Mina By Siraj Wahab

December 8, 2008


3 Million Muslim Pilgrims on Arafat, for Haj Climax  

Haj Reflections Day 2: Jabal Al-Rahmah seemed to have been draped in white By Siraj Wahab  

Global crisis hits flow of pilgrims from US, Europe

December 7, 2008

Haj Reflections Day 1: New Jamrat complex has a commanding presence By Siraj Wahab  

First Day of Haj in Mina Saturday, Second Day on Arafat Sunday  

Wheelchair-bound pilgrims have good reasons to be here  

December 6, 2008

US Occupation of Afghanistan:

3 Canadian Soldiers, 2 Afghanis Civilians Killed in Kandahar Fighting, Denmark Moves Embassy to Undisclosed Location in Kabul

Ethiopian Occupation of Somalia:

15 Somali Civilians Killed by Ethiopian Occupation Forces Shelling of a Mogadishu Market

US Occupation of Iraq:

British Soldier, 20 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, According to December 6, 2008 News Reports

Israeli Control of the US:

ADC Exposes Operation Front Line Documents: How Bush Administration Targeted Muslims in the US in 2004  

FBI files on the shift AIPAC founder Isaiah L. Kenen made from registered foreign agent to stealth lobbying  

Iran sanctions cost US a fortune

Weak "Oral" UN Resolution Condemning Violence of Illegal Israeli Settlers Against Palestinian Civilians in Hebron, to avoid a US Veto  

Muslim American News Briefs, December 5, 2008

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Because of the brutal Israeli siege of Gaza, no salaries before Eid, banks fold as treasuries run dry

Illegal Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinian Civilians in Hebron, Burn Homes, Israeli Occupation Forces Attack Peace Activists Protesting the Settler Violence  

Illegal Israeli settlers set home ablaze in Hebron, block road south of Nablus, Israeli occupation forces close Huwwara  
Qatari ship voyage to Gaza postponed, Libyan vessel moored in Europe, due to pressures from the Israeli Occupation government  

December 4, 2008

US Occupation of Afghanistan: 

2 Danish Soldier, 18 Afghanis, 30 Pakistanis Killed in War Attacks

US Occupation of Iraq:

2 US Soldiers, 51 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Including 28 Executed by Death Squads, According to December 4, 2008 News Reports  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

 Illegal Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians in Hebron and Nablus, Set Homes and Property on Fire  

 No cooking gas for Eid in Gaza, Qatari ship attempts to break Israeli brutal siege

 Luisa Morgantini of EU Parliament: Israeli government must stop considering itself above the law and start respecting it

Obama advisors want NATO troops in West Bank  


Henry Paulson and Wang Qishan Say US-Jointly Coping with Financial Crisis

December 2, 2008

 Schwarzenegger declares fiscal emergency due to $28 billion deficit  

End of era on Wall Street

Thai court dissolves ruling coalition, Prime Minister court ruling, anti-gov't group announces ending rallies  

US Occupation of Afghanistan:

NATO trucks attacked in Pakistan, suicide bomber kills 8, Gunmen on motorbike shoot dead Afghan official  

US Occupation of Iraq:

16 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Maliki Assassination Attempt, According to December 2, 2008 News Reports  

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

2 Palestinian Teenagers Killed by Israeli Occupation Forces in Rafah  

Israeli occupation forces kill pardoned Palestinian fighter, Muhammed Abu Dhera'a, in Nablus  

Illegal Israeli settlers rampage through West Bank villages, vandalize mosques  

European campaign appeals to Libyan ship to insist on reaching Gaza, Qatar charitable society sends shipload of relief aid  

December 1, 2008

Obama Announces National Security Team, Appoints Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, Reiterates Withdrawal from Iraq in 16 Months 

Wall Street plunges 7.7 percent amid economic woes, US economy in  recession since December 2007

Oil tumbles below $50 on delayed OPEC output cut

US Occupation of Iraq:

51 Iraqis Killed in War Attacks, Including 12 Executed and Burned by Death Squads, According to December 1, 2008 News Reports

Bush admits intelligence failure on Iraq for the first time

Israeli Occupation of Palestine:

Hundreds of extremist Jewish settlers attack Palestinian homes in al-Khalil 

Israeli occupation government shuts down Gaza crossings for 27th day, power plant shuts down too

Libyan aid boat to Gaza blocked by Israeli warships, docks in Egyptian port of Al-Arish

Mesha'al thanks Qaddafi for the brave Libyan attempt to send a humanitarian boat to besieged Palestinians in Gaza 





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